Fig - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

The Trees


My childhood home in rural California had an old fig tree (Ficus carica) in the backyard, with a trunk that bent at a 90-degree angle twice—so that it grew vertically, then horizontally, and then vertically again. I loved that tree dearly and spent many magical hours in that yard, relishing fresh figs after picking them with a tin can and a blade perched on a long wooden stick (something we called “the fig picker”) and frolicking among giant, vibrantly green, slightly fuzzy leaves.

The fig has been cultivated for food since very ancient times, and dried figs have been discovered at a human archaeological site that dates back to around 5,000 BCE. The grain and agriculture goddess Demeter is associated with the fig tree, and a grove of fig trees dedicated to her was located near the Eleusinian sanctuary. Indeed, you might spend time with a fig tree to connect with this most magical goddess, and incorporate the tree into meditations and visualizations if you feel guided to explore her deliciously endless mysteries.

Magical Uses


Simply empowering a fig with your own positive energy (i.e., holding it in your hands and mentally sending bright light into it) and giving it to a romantic partner is an excellent way to increase the attraction between you. As a matter of fact, the fig has been employed as an aphrodisiac and is associated with both Aphrodite and Hathor (goddesses of love and pleasure) as well as Dionysus, a god of intoxication and sexuality.


In order to avoid undesirable karmic repercussions, I suggest doing this with a partner who is completely on board with the idea of the two of you bewitching each other and who fully desires to participate (and likes figs). By candlelight, begin by each holding a clean fig in your open left palm and cradling your left hand in your right while facing each other. Consciously connect with the energy of the fruit in your hands as you chant together:

Seduced by my sweetness

Drawn to my arms

Enthralled by my presence

Bewitched by my charms.

Offer the fig to your partner (so that you are feeding it to each other), and mindfully enjoy.


To choose between two options, or two possible courses of action, place a symbol, image, or representation of each one on your altar (even something as simple as words or phrases written on slips paper—like “yes” and “no” or “Phoenix” and “Albuquerque”—will work fine). Place one freshly picked fig leaf beneath or near one symbol, and another beneath or near the other. Light a stick of incense and call on the Divine in a way that feels powerful for you, perhaps invoking a specific divinity associated with the fig tree, such as Demeter, Juno, or Hathor. Bring to mind your thoughts and concerns, and then offer up the challenge to the Divine, requesting clarity about the best path to take. Relax completely, trusting that you will receive the guidance you seek. Then leave the altar as it is, keeping an eye on it over the next one to five days to see which leaf stays fresh longer. The fresher leaf will indicate the divine recommendation. If they both wither quickly, explore additional options. If they both stay fresh for an uncommon length of time, both options are viable.

Fertility and Potency

Dionysus—in addition to being the Greek god of intoxication and sexuality—was a god of fertility. Statues of him and phalluses associated with him were fashioned out of fig wood. Additionally, the ancient Greek word for testicles is the same as the plural word for figs. Certainly, fig trees, including their fruit and leaves, possess a palpably lusty and potent vibration. If you know how to whittle, create a phallus out of fig wood as a potency or fertility charm, or just eat a fig or two for the same magical purpose. If possible, and weather permits, another excellent (and exceptionally fun) option would be to dance naked under a fig tree as the full moon shines brightly in the night sky.


After rituals or intuitive work, or really anytime you feel like you could use some grounding in the physical world, try indulging in a small feast of figs. They’ll help balance your energy and blood sugar while energetically anchoring you and aligning you with the energy of the earth.


In ancient Rome, the fig tree was considered quite lucky. It goes back to the legendary beginnings of Rome, when the ancient city’s founders, Romulus and Remus, were famously nursed by a wolf beneath a fig tree. Similarly, the matron goddess of Rome and protector of the state’s prosperity, Juno, was associated with the fig tree, especially in her fertility goddess aspect. To bless a project or a group with luck, serve figs, eat figs, carry a fig leaf, or decorate with fig leaves.

Magical Power

Sexual energy has a lot to do with attracting and manifesting desires. Therefore, in many ways, sexual potency is synonymous with magical power. Because we’re talking about sexual potency in a vibrational/energetic sense (i.e., one’s attractive power and intensity rather than one’s ability to “perform” or reproduce), this is true for those of all genders, ages, and sexual orientations. Because of the fig tree’s fertile and potent vibe, simply spending time with a fig tree, particularly when it’s done with respect and clear intention, can increase one’s magical power considerably. This effect intensifies profoundly when the tree is flourishing near your home.

Remote Communication

To communicate a message or emotion to someone who is off the grid or otherwise unable to connect in the usual ways, or if you just prefer to connect by magical means, stand outside on a windy day and hold a fig leaf between both palms. Concentrate on what you’d like to communicate, sending the energy of your message into the leaf. Hold the leaf over your head and mentally connect with your desired recipient. When a gust of wind reaches a peak, release the leaf. (Rest assured that the leaf need not travel far physically in order for the message to be received.)


To ensure that you or someone you love will return from a journey safely, empower a fig leaf with that intention. Hold it between both hands and visualize yourself or your loved one returning home joyfully and in high spirits. Then place it on your altar or mantel. After the completion of the journey and the return home, gratefully release the leaf in the wind, float it on a moving body of water, or place it at the base of a tree.


If your energy is flagging, your health needs bolstering, or your enthusiasm is waning, you might simply consume that hearty little purple fig with its sweet, bright scarlet, seed-filled flesh. In addition to its considerable magical benefits, the fruit is packed with minerals, fruit sugar, and fiber, and it’s been used medicinally as a detoxifier, laxative, and blood tonic.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Earth

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun