Fir - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

The Trees


Aligned with the Great Goddess and spirit of the forest, the pungent and mystical fir (Abies) possesses a magical energy like no other. A popular choice for a Christmas tree, fir’s many varieties can often be recognized as distinct from other conifers by the flattened look of her needles and the way they are relatively soft to the touch.

Magical Uses


Fir’s delicious fragrance and the way she appears green and thriving all year round speak to her verdant, abundant energy and her ability to help us magnetize abundant wealth. For this purpose, spend time in quiet contemplation with a fir when the moon is between new and full, and then offer her a silver dollar by placing it at the base of her trunk.

Rebirth and Regeneration

Like the planet Pluto that is her ruler, fir is about intense regeneration, which by its very definition requires destruction and disintegration as a mandatory prerequisite. This is much like childbirth, which requires intense pain and complete annihilation of the way the lives of the parents and child were before the child’s delivery into this physical world. Indeed, fir needles have been burned to mitigate the pain of childbirth and smooth the child’s transition out of the womb. Perhaps not surprisingly, the fir was associated with Osiris, the Egyptian god who was famously destroyed and resurrected, as well as Artemis, the Greek goddess who is known (among many other things) as an overseer of childbirth.

Shadow Work

We all encounter times when it would benefit us to gaze into our shadowy depths and bring what we most fear about ourselves out into the light. Fir—a tree that is used even by self-proclaimed non-magical folk to shine light into the darkest and coldest time of the year (as a Christmas tree)—is an excellent ally for times like these.

When you feel called to engage in this form of brave self-exploration and excavation, consider initiating your shadow work by aligning your energy with that of a fir tree. Do this by simply sitting in quiet contemplation with one. Watch your breath as it goes in and out until you feel very still. Then naturally open up to the fir’s energy and feel yourself receiving an infusion of strength, courage, and wisdom. Imagine that the fir is blessing you with a metaphorical lantern that you can use to shine light in the darkest recesses of your innermost self.

Magical Correspondences

Element: Earth

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Pluto