Hickory - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

The Trees


Hickory—the mere name of this tree is a poem that conjures up images of mystical natural settings and soul-cleansing fires with billowing, fragrant smoke.

While magical writers have, in the past, classified hickory as a masculine tree—perhaps because of the famous strength of her wood and her generally imposing energetic character—my impression is that she, in fact, represents the immense fortitude of the feminine body, mind, and emotions. After all, who is fiercer than a protective mother figure, and what is more awe-inspiring than the amazing power of the female body to move through the ever-changing cycles of menstruation and endure the ordeal of childbirth?

Note: This section covers typical and Asian hickories of the family Carya. For pecan hickories (also of the family Carya), see “Pecan.”

Magical Uses

Childbirth Support

Hickory wood is exceptional in its combination of strength and solidity, although the living branches are quite flexible in the breeze. This is mirrored by hickory’s energetic ability to help fortify our minds, bodies, and spirits while simultaneously supporting us in moving with the changes and allowing what is to be. As such, hickory can be magically employed to help support the childbirth process. For this purpose, within a month or two before giving birth, visit a hickory tree and sit or stand in quiet contemplation. Through your thoughts and feelings, convey your upcoming challenge to the tree, and request an energetic infusion of both fortitude and flexibility.

Land Nourishment

In addition to nourishing any given area with her strong and wise presence, hickory provides food for squirrels, moths, and beetles, and her leaves lend beneficial minerals to the soil. Plant hickory (or thank existing hickory) for lending a sense of lushness and fertility to the land. (Because of the feng shui law that the condition of our space mirrors the condition of our life and vice versa, this, in turn, can help nourish your degree of wealth and prosperity.)

Protection from Legal Difficulties

Like a no-nonsense judge, hickory’s vibration is intolerant of legal unfairness or undeserved hassles. That’s why she can help cut through the red tape and shield you from unnecessary litigation. For this purpose, empower a hickory nut in sunlight and mentally charge it with the intention to protect you from any and all legal difficulties. Place it on your altar or carry it in your pocket.


In addition to supporting the transition of childbirth (as mentioned on page 160), hickory has been employed to help transitioned spirits find their way to the light. For this purpose, burn hickory incense or throw a hickory log on the fire.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Air

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Mars