Jabuticaba - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

The Trees


Have you ever seen fruit growing along a trunk, in addition to branches, so that the entire tree looks, incredibly, like it’s dripping with giant black pearls? If so, you’ve probably been to Brazil and seen a jabuticaba tree (Plinia cauliflora, also known as a Brazilian grape tree). Before the sweet, grapelike fruits appear (which are used to make jelly and wine), white flowers line the trunk like snowy chrysanthemumlike sea creatures. And these truly unique tropical beauties can go through near-constant blooming and fruit cycles, providing delicious, sweet fruit year round. Talk about magical—not to mention reminiscent of something you might find in Willy Wonka’s edible landscape!

Magical Uses


With her near-constant, uncommonly abundant supply of delicious fruit, jabuticaba is truly a representative of the divine earth mother, offering us sweet nourishment and hydration directly from her very body. Spending time with a jabuticaba or meditating on her image, one can see quite clearly that Mother Earth indeed wants to provide an abundance of sustenance and sweetness for her beloved children.


Speaking of sweetness, jabuticaba is literally dripping with it. A powerful symbol and literal representation of the true sweetness of nature and of life itself, spend time with jabuticaba, eat her fruit, or visualize her to summon more sweetness into your life and to enjoy the sweetness that already surrounds you.

Tortoise Alignment

Jabuticaba is derived from the word in the archaic Tupi language meaning “turtle” or “tortoise,” likely because tortoises gather at the base of the tree for a sweet feast of fallen fruit. Visualize or spend time with a jabuticaba to align more deeply with your tortoise friends or to glean insights into speaking their language. If possible, enjoying some of the fruit with a tortoise would be an excellent way to increase your magical and emotional bond. You might also adorn your home or altar with artwork depicting the gorgeous jabuticaba if tortoise communication or alignment is one of your magical goals.

Magical Correspondences


Elements: Water, Earth, Spirit

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Ceres