Pistachio - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

The Trees


Aresident of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the pistachio tree (Pistachia vera) and humans have a long history. A popular crop to this very day, the pistachio is mentioned as a food source in the Bible and has been cultivated for somewhere in the vicinity of three thousand years. Although he’s originally from Asia and the Middle East, he’s been a resident of Italy and the Mediterranean for quite some time and has more recently made a home for himself in my native state of California.

Magical Uses

Breaking Love Spells

If you’re concerned that you or another person has been placed under a love spell, head to your nearest grocery store or farmer’s market and purchase some pistachios with the shells still on them. Then simply take a small handful and eat it (or direct your friend to do the same), shelling each one just before you pop it in your mouth. Like salt or sage, pistachios possess such primal magical power that they require no pomp or ceremony: as a love spell dismantler, they are ready to go.

Of course, they must be eaten with the simple intention to break the love spell. Either the one eating them must possess this intention or the friend who has offered the pistachios to the one under the spell. In other words, someone must be aware that the pistachios are being eaten to break the spell. Otherwise, they are just a snack.

Immunity to Love Spells

Similarly, as a preventative measure, eating a small handful of pistachios daily can keep love spells from entering your energy field and exerting the slightest bit of control over you. Again, they must be eaten with the intention to make yourself immune to love spells. Simply eating pistachios with no awareness or intention will not have the same effect.


The same magical quality that allows pistachio to break the magnetic/attractive influence of a love spell can allow him to establish an active/projective influence over others.

If you’ve read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis, you might remember that the White Witch offers Edmund enchanted candy called Turkish delight, which he becomes obsessed with and therefore falls under her spell. But what you may not know is that the real Turkish delight is often made with pistachios. Did the White Witch add them to her enchanted sweets? While it’s not mentioned in the story, considering the fact that pistachios can be magically employed to enhance your influence over another person (particularly when that person is induced to eat them), we can only surmise that she did.

Now, of course, as ethical magical practitioners we must be careful about how we wield the influential power of the pistachio. We don’t, after all, want to step on anyone else’s free will, as—in addition to being morally bankrupt—this will certainly place unfavorable karmic repercussions in our path. (Just ask the White Witch.)

A practice like the following, however, stays just this side of the ethical line. Practice with caution. Use only when necessary and exclusively when you are morally in the right.


When the action (or nonaction) of a person or a group is unfairly holding you or a loved one back from experiencing success, well-being, or happiness in any life area, bring them one or more homemade treats containing pistachios (such as cookies, muffins, baklava, or mini pies, or Turkish delight), and hope that they partake.

Before you assemble the treat, place the pistachios in a white ceramic bowl. (It’s ideal if you do this ritual on a Tuesday or when the moon is in Aries, but if it’s not practical to wait, anytime will do.) Conjure up all the most positive feelings you can toward the person or group that you’d like to influence, connecting with their true divine essence and the part of them that is wholly good and beneficent. With love in your heart, direct your palms toward the nuts and envision the person or group feeling genuinely inspired to help you in exactly the way you need. See them, in your mind’s eye, being benefited by their own actions as they realize how wonderful it feels to do the right thing. Consciously send the energy of your visualization through your hands into the pistachios. Say:

With wishes well and wishes true

I send good energy to you.

For the sake of one and sake of all

You now heed this righteous call.

For the highest good of me and thee

As I will it, so mote it be.

When this is complete, bake or create your treat as you normally would. Then try your best to see that they eat at least a bite within two days of the ritual, but the sooner the better.

Magical Correspondences


Elements: Fire and Earth

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars