Rowan - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

The Trees


The dainty rowan’s brilliant energy and vast power are legendary. Like a full moon in a clear sky or a resonant chime, her magical radiance shines through with a most impressive clarity. Considered in the Norse tradition to be the savior of Thor, the ancient Scots considered the rowan (of the Sorbus genus) to be the material from which the first woman was made.

Magical Uses


Y-shaped rowan branches have been employed as divining rods. An abundantly flowering rowan or a rowan that flowers twice in one year indicates that a prosperous time is about to ensue.

Hearth Goddess Energy

Sacred to the great Irish goddess Brighid, the rowan shares this goddess’s bright and fiery spirit, as well as her alignment with inspiration, warmth, and a happy home. When she’s heavy with an abundance of her bright red “berries” (they’re actually pomes), her radiant, highly auspicious energy is readily apparent. Bring a rowan branch with berries into the home to bless, protect, and summon the many blessings of Brighid.

Love Goddess Energy

The archetypal love goddess goes by many names in many different cultures, but she is always sensual, beautiful, luxury-loving, and attuned to the cycles of nature and the earth. Spending time with a rowan tree aligns us with these qualities, which naturally brings benefits on all levels. A member of the rose family, the rowan’s feathery white five-petaled flowers and tiny bright red, orange-centered fruits magically evoke the love goddess’s beautiful energy and bountiful blessings.


To protect and bless a romantic relationship by incurring the favor and well-wishes of the love goddess, visit a flowering rowan tree. Send her love and offer her a carafe of iced rose blossom tea by pouring it around her roots. With gratitude, gently clip a single cutting of flowers. Bring them home and place them in water near a photo of you and your beloved.


Traditionally in England and Scotland, the hardy rowan tree has been associated with warding off or counteracting malevolent witchcraft. Planting a rowan tree by a gate or doorway is allegedly an effective charm against sorcery and evil intentions. Rowan flowers, berries, or wood can be brought inside to protect against lightning. Similarly, the flower essence has been employed to support immunity and general positivity. Indeed, a traditional protection charm can be created by simply tying two rowan sticks together with red yarn to make an equal-armed cross.


Another traditional belief about rowan trees indicates that she can prevent a traveler from getting lost. Rowan wood has been a traditional charm on boats to protect against storms and getting lost at sea, and her wood has been used for auspicious walking sticks. And in general, her protective and beneficent qualities lend themselves to harmonious travel.


Before going on a trip, offer a carafe of iced rose blossom tea to a rowan tree and request that she lend her bright spirit and energy to protect you, guide you, and prevent you from getting lost. Feel yourself receiving this powerful blessing.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Fire

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus