Sweet Gum - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

Sweet Gum
The Trees


Praised since ancient times for the aromatherapeutic and medicinal benefits of his oil and resin, sweet gum (Liquidambar styraciflua) ingredients are employed in perfumery and the tobacco industry to this day. While the tree originally hails from areas in Mexico, Central America, the Mediterranean, and the southeastern United States, he thrives in a broad range of areas and is widely planted as an ornamental plant.

Magical Uses


In some climates the sweet gum’s vibrant green leaves transform in the fall into a fiery spectrum of the richest and most varied imaginable hues. Magically, this array of color and light mirrors the universal creative palette from which we all are free to draw. What’s more, the tree’s spiky little “gum balls” draw squirrels, chipmunks, and finches who feed upon the wealth of seeds they contain. This also magically translates to creativity, as we spread seeds of aesthetic and spiritual nourishment when we disseminate and nurture our creative projects and ideas. To support creativity of all varieties, plant a sweet gum tree or spend time in quiet contemplation with one.

Father/Daughter Relationships

While the sweet gum possesses a distinctly masculine essence, he is also very in tune with the realm of the sensuous and radiant feminine. Truly, the wisdom of the sweet gum teaches honor and balance between the polarities, as he knows the deep and abiding power within both, as well as within the entire spectrum. That’s why his energy can be magically channeled toward improving father/daughter relationships.

If you are a daughter or a father and you’d like to magically support your relationship with your father or daughter (respectively), visit a sweet gum tree and tune in lovingly. Request support with honoring and accepting your family member, as well as support with helping him or her honor and accept you. When you feel sufficiently aligned with the tree, offer him your father’s or daughter’s favorite beverage by pouring it around his roots. Then intuitively gather a gumball or one of his leaves (if possible, it’s best if you collect one that’s already fallen). Thank him from your heart. Next time you spend time with or speak with your family member, carry the gumball or leaf in a pocket or pouch.

Personal Power

The sweet gum’s leaves resemble a five-pointed star or hands with fingers outstretched, visually indicating the tree’s ability to activate and fuel our personal power. You might think of him like a coach who sees our potential and won’t let us off the hook until we fully embrace and express it. While he may not be gentle in his wisdom, he certainly means well in his unflagging energetic nudges to remember our responsibility to be at our very best.


Interestingly, sweet gum is an expert in uniting images with messages and illuminating the patterns and symbols through which universal wisdom regularly communicates. Specifically, he’s aligned with the wisdom of the tarot, and can enhance our abilities to receive clear messages through our tarot studies and practice.

Try studying and reading tarot under the shade of a sweet gum tree, being aware of the tree’s ancient energy and expertise as you do so. Without overthinking it, simply allow his powerful vibration and wisdom to fuel your insights and elevate your understanding.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Pallas (Asteroid)