Tupelo - The Trees

The Magic of Trees: A Guide to Their Sacred Wisdom & Metaphysical Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2017

The Trees


The name tupelo is derived from Muscogee words for “swamp” and “tree.” In culture after culture (and even in modern times) swamps have been unmistakably aligned with negativity and danger while simultaneously being considered places of great magic and power. Indeed, the tupelo (Nyssa) is a most magical tree, completely unphased by the perceived perils of swamp living.

Magical Uses


Among foodies and honey enthusiasts, tupelo honey is a highly prized delicacy. In addition to possessing an exceptional taste, it never crystallizes because of its fructose (fruit sugar) to glucose ratio, and it’s easier on the blood sugar. Heavier on the fructose content than other honeys, it promotes a more enduring variety of energy, which can be helpful for exercise, sports, and everyday life.

Magically, this enduring quality can be employed to lend stamina and staying power. For example, for enduring love, add a dollop of tupelo honey to a small pot of rose tea and share with your partner. For a day that requires sustained focus and energy, add a spoonful to a cup of black tea. For enduring wealth, add a quarter cup of tupelo honey to a bath and soak. For enduring beauty, spread tupelo honey all over your face as a mask and rinse off after ten to twenty minutes.


The tupelo reaches his roots deep into the swampy, rotting depths, drawing up nourishment and eventually transforming it into blossoms that are absolutely irresistible to our friends the bees. In turn, the bees transform the blossoms into the sweetest, lightest, most beloved honey in the world.

Indeed, the tupelo guides us to fearlessly reach deep into our own thoughts, feelings, memories, and traumas—even the stagnant, festering ones—and to efficiently transmute and refine them into pure beauty, sweetness, and sustenance.

Spend time with or visualize tupelo when you’re doing work related to transforming past suffering into success, wisdom, and joy.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Water

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Pluto