Reversing Spells

True Magic: Spells That Really Work - Mickaharic Draja 2019

Reversing Spells


Almost all the popular spell books, books about candle-burning or praying for magical purposes have the primary goal of influencing another person. Fortunately, most people who are initiated into the practice of magic have a highly developed sense of morality and are not interested in controlling others. However, this chapter is devoted to keeping yourself free of the magicians who don't feel that way.

When you try to influence another person, for good or for ill, you are in some sense practicing a form of black magic. The black magician attempts to influence the subconscious of another person by changing his or her behavior, action, or emotional response. So, all the curses, love spells, and spells to make debtors pay are forms of black magic. Black magic can induce feelings of hate or guilt, and high-pressure selling or emotionally oriented advertising is considered a form of it. Obviously, there are many varieties and degrees of black magic—some forms are more negative than others—yet all are attempts to influence a decision of some sort.

Any form of black magic involves karma. It is known as a form of “moral malpractice” and will be paid back as karma in a future existence. The concept that we need to understand is simple—eventually the soul will learn not to attempt to influence others. At the present stage of human development, however, many people decide that magic might as well be used to attain the ends they desire. This chapter is devoted to reversing the spells that may be sent your way by a student magician, or an individual who has studied magic to gain power over others.

It is a relatively simple matter to break a curse, and I will show you how to do this with ease. But before we go into the reversing procedures, it is important to understand a little of what you may need to look for aside from knowing how to reverse a spell.

Many people who think they have been cursed are suffering not from a curse, but from a lack of self-importance. People who are mentally unbalanced, people who want to be powerful and important, sometimes think they have been cursed. And the curse itself gives them a feeling of importance. So, you may do a reversing spell for someone who has convinced you that he or she is under some terrible influence, and when you have done the reverse work, nothing changes. Which means that the person wasn't under any spell except the spell of self-delusion. That condition needs a cure, too, and if you are a spiritual practitioner, you will learn to redirect the individual in a direction that would be more beneficial.

As you continue to study magic, your senses will become more tuned, and your intuition and awareness level will spot certain conditions in people that you may not have noticed before. For example, you may see someone that you know who is obviously under some kind of a spell, but the individual doesn't know it. When you try to say something to this person, he or she makes it clear that the change is one that he or she made on a voluntary basis. In this situation, you can do nothing. But you may be curious to understand how someone could change drastically and not be aware of what happened. Well, the human mind is a wonderful mechanism! The rational mind can explain any situation it finds itself in, and even the youngest child can provide a reasonable explanation as to why he or she did something. This process of self-justification—which exists uncontrolled in almost everyone—rationalizes any changes in behavior very easily and can even convince us that the change is desirable.

Some people may think they have been cursed, and it's a good idea to ask if they have been to a store-front psychic or fortune teller. Store-front psychics make money by telling their clients that they are cursed. Then the client pays the store-front psychic to take the curse away. Innocent people sometimes really believe this and may come to you to have a curse removed. Before removing it, make sure it's there. The chances are that the person has no curse at all. Making money by fibbing about being cursed or under a spell brings its share of karma to the practitioner.

The most common curse that might have to be broken is the petty curse set up by amateur magicians. Here, the student learns a ritual and it is successful, and this one success convinces him (or her) that he has great magical ability. This causes two kinds of problems. First, the student enters the realm of fantasy and thinks he has absolute control over his life and the lives of others through acts of magic. He rationalizes every failure and can actually block sensory awareness if the physical world doesn't correspond to the world of fantasy that he lives in. Magicians, or would-be magicians, of this caliber enter into a world of delusion and self-deception. They may continue to function in the real world to some extent, but there is a tendency to exert influence upon themselves which further encourages self-deception and delusion. Obviously, this is an unproductive way to live.

The student who has suddenly gained great magical powers may exert love spells, or other power spells on people he knows. If you attend a class, or go to a place where magicians meet, you may run into someone who will try to place a spell on you to test his or her power. This is idiotic, but it is done. And that is why you need to know how to reverse a spell, so you don't waste time in your own development by being deenergized by amateur power-seekers.

True curses are rare. There are not that many magicians who are powerful enough to really perform black magic. In order to develop magical power, the animal instinctual nature has to be placed under control. Few people interested in the concept of black magic are willing to put the necessary work into preparation for study. When the instinctual nature is uncontrolled, it tends to accept credit for any successful performance of any magical act, and that acceptance acts as a block so that further magical operations are brought to a halt. Serious students of magic—who have really developed their magical ability to the point where they could really influence others—don't waste their time on negative spell-casting. The study of magic is really a course in self-development of a particular nature. When you start considering the evolution of the soul, who cares about whether or not you can make “Mary” love you?

Now that we've discussed all the reasons why someone is probably not cursed in the first place, let's move on to reversing negative spells. The whole process of trying to determine who has cast a spell or curse is a waste of time. It really doesn't make any difference who did the work; the only important thing is that it is removed. Replying to a curse with a curse will only be an escalating factor in a war, and students who do this get caught in a magical-curse syndrome that may end up making them paranoid. Turn from the curse and break it, and let it go. Thank God it's gone, and don't look for negative effects around the one who you think has cast it.

The following spells are excellent cursebreakers. They act to return curses and influence to their source. If no curse has been sent, the cursebreakers do not return to you or to the one who has used it.

Reversing a Spell with Water

The water method of reversing a spell is particularly effective for spells which were originally cast with water, or spells geared to affect the emotions. This method is an excellent way to rid yourself of love spells in any of their many forms. You should perform the spell yourself if you have been the victim. If you want to help others to reverse a spell, remember that the spell should be reversed by the actual victim.

Fill a small bottle with water. You can use a baby food jar, or a jar of similar size. Place at least a dozen straight pins in the bottle. Cap the bottle tightly and place it over a fire. The bottle may be placed on the kitchen stove. The bottle is heated until it explodes, which casts the pins all over the room. The pins and the broken glass should be cleaned up and placed in the garbage. Remove the garbage from the house immediately. The clean-up must be done as soon as possible after the bottle explodes.

The purpose of this spell is to disturb the negative influences of the water element that are present in the home of the victim. This spell reverses any negative work and attempts to restore balance to the “water element” presence in the victim's home. This is a very effective spell and has been taught by practitioners of three different practices. I have used it with success several times.

The bottle used may be of any size, although a baby food jar or a small jam jar is probably best suited for the spell because this type of jar only holds a few ounces of liquid. Ordinary tap water is used in the spell, and the steel pins used by dressmakers are fine. They should be placed loose in the bottle, after the water has been added to the bottle. You can use as many pins as you like, but you should use at least a dozen.

Heat the bottle when no one is in the room. It's very important that no one should be in the room when the bottle explodes, for one may be hurt by flying glass or pins. The smaller the bottle, the faster it will heat, another reason for using a small jar. When the bottle is hot enough, it will explode, strewing the pins and broken glass, as well as water, all over the room. The purpose of immediately cleaning up the mess is to remove the influence of the spell immediately. Once the influence is out of the house, it is very difficult for the person who did the work to re-establish the connection to the house.

Reversing a Spell with Fire

This method of reversing a spell is particularly effective for magical work that has been done with fire. This covers the entire range of candle magic, as well as any magic intended to influence your thoughts. Some people may want to use this spell on a regular basis at the full moon, for it will provide protection against all of the usual negative influences from others which accumulate in the course of a month. You will need a coffee cup full of dirt and a candle to use this spell. City dwellers who do not have access to dirt in their backyards may use potting soil. You can use any kind of candle.

Take a small candle (such as a birthday candle) and light it. Place it in dirt (in the coffee cup) while it is lit and allow the flame to stabilize. With a sudden motion, take the candle from the dirt and reverse it, extinguishing the lit end in the dirt. Bite the burned end off the candle and light it again, saying:

As the candle flame is reversed, so let all that opposes me be reversed. As the flame has perished in the dirt, let those who oppose me come to nothing in their work.

The candle is now left to burn out. When it burns out, put the candle and the dirt in the garbage and remove it from your home.

This spell comes from Brazil, where it has been used successfully for many years. It has been considered an effective cursebreaker. If a curse is actually present, this spell often produces an immediate feeling of relief as soon as the prayer has been said. In some cases, the relief can be impressive, as the spell may be done by one person for another. However, when this spell is done by a magician for another person, it should be followed by a spiritual cleansing and a blessing.

Reversing a Spell with Earth

The following spell is especially effective against those spells which have been placed with earth. It should be used against curses which have been cast to prevent you from growing economically or prevent you from stabilizing your income. This spell comes from the Pennsylvania Hex practice, and the Hexenmeister who gave it to me swears by it.

Take a small white cup (like the teacups used in Chinese restaurants) and fill it about half full with earth or potting soil. Place the cup in the corner of your bedroom and pray over it as follows:

Thou art earth of which this whole world is made. Be thou my earth and take unto thyself all that is sent against me. Bear thou that which is sent against me as Jesus Christ bore the sins of the whole world.

Leave the dirt in the corner of your bedroom for a week, and then cast it out the back door of your house. If you don't have a back door, use the front door. Wait one night and then wash the cup with cold water. You may refill the cup with dirt and repeat the spell if you wish.

You can place the cup in any corner you wish—the corner nearest the bed, for example.

Reversing a Spell with Air

This method of reversing a spell is particularly effective against spells which have been placed through the air element. The air element includes gossip, slander and all forms of spoken spells. This spell has been used to halt slanderous testimony in a lawsuit. You may use this spell for yourself, or for someone else. It frees you from slander. When done on a windy day, this spell has particularly strong effect in returning the spell to the one who cast it.

Take about a teaspoon of finely ground sugar, add about a quarter teaspoon of white flour and a pinch of finely ground salt. Mix these in the palm of your hand while concentrating on your desire to be free of curses. Blow the powder out of an open window and immediately say:

Here I stand in innocence; protect me oh Lord!

Reversing a Spell with Iron

In certain cases, spells are cast using iron. These spells are particularly malignant, for they often involve the use of iron to cause accidents to the person who has been cursed. A person who is under the influence of this type of spell may suddenly begin to have accidents with knives, have progressively worse automobile accidents, and generally run afoul of sharp objects, machinery and so forth.

Place three iron rings (the kind used for key rings) in an eight-ounce glass full of drinking water. Then cover the water glass with a clean white handkerchief, and let it stand overnight in the light of the moon.

At sunrise the following day the victim of the curse must drink the water, which instantly breaks the curse. The curse usually returns to the one who sent it, but it may also dissipate into the universe.

Reversing a Spell with the Low John Method

This is a favorite method of reversing a spell in the practice of “root working.” It is used extensively among the black population of the southern United States. The root known as “Low John” (or southernwood root, Carlina acaulis, or ground thistle) is gathered and dried. If you feel you have become the recipient of a curse or spell, you take a small piece of the root and chew it thoroughly while concentrating on the curse (or spell) and its effects on you. Once the piece of root has been reduced to a pulp, it should be vigorously spat out on the ground.

This will cast the curse back to the sender. To keep it from returning, you should carry a piece of the root in your pocket for seven days. At the end of seven days the piece of root should be vigorously cast on the ground.