Water Spells

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Water Spells


It is said that human beings were created from the spiritual force of water. This physical manifestation of water relates to the spiritual manifestation of the primordial water element. The water element relates to our emotional force or emotional power—the most powerful force we have.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the human being is a strong emotional nature, and the desire to search for stimulation of this emotional nature. The drive for emotional fulfillment has always been a prime motivating force.

Because of the connection between our emotional natures and the water element, it is no wonder that water is one of the most common instruments for the transmission of magical effects. It acts directly on our emotional natures. The religious use of water—by Roman Catholics with their holy water, or the Jewish mikveh purification baths—is well known. However, the magical uses of water are not so well known, and in many cases, they have been misunderstood to a remarkable degree.

The great Austrian scholar Franz Bardon mentions that water is able to accumulate more energy when it is very cold.1 He does not discuss the variations in types of water in any depth, nor does he indicate the physical changes in water that take place during the course of a year, but he does say that water can accommodate more energy at 39°F and less energy when heated to temperatures over 99°F. Seasonal changes relating to water were researched by the alchemists of the Paracelsus Research Society of Salt Lake City, Utah.

It is important to understand what happens in the astral realms as a result of the application of teas, washes, etc., so the first thing to understand in magical practice is how to work with water. Teas and washes are made from it. As you know, water is influenced by two major and obvious variations—it is either fresh or salty. Water from the ocean contains salt and other minerals, and it is not drinkable. Lake water is usually fresh, as are rain water and melted snow. And fresh water is drinkable. Magico-religious traditions understand these two distinctions because salt water was ruled by one deity and fresh water by another. This dates back to ancient Babylonia.

The second thing to consider is the astrological influence present when you draw or prepare water. Water is an excellent accumulator of the force Franz Bardon referred to as “magnetism,” and it will accept the magnetism of the magician's prayer, as well as the universal life force of the desire. Water will uncritically accept the magnetism present in the universe when it is prayed over, which means that the astral nature of the time of the prayer is added to the force of the prayer. If the astral force at the time of the prayer conflicts with the prayer itself, limitations will be placed on the effect of the spell. Your prayer will fix a moment in time, so you should be careful when you use water.

In many magical practices a distinction is made between the various sources of the water and their effects. Spiritual Cleansing provides some basic information about this. When you are able to observe that various kinds of water have various “feelings” or vibrations, as they are often called, you are well on the way to understanding some of the principles of magic. You can cover a sufficiently large range of work with ordinary tap water or bottled spring water available from the grocery store. It is usually not necessary to complicate things beyond this, as simple tap water will do as well in most spells as the more difficult to obtain products.

Cold water is preferred in most magical work, as it seems to hold the “charge” of the magician's prayer better than warm water. Generally, but dependent upon the requirements of the specific practice, water is simply prayed over and then used as desired. When you add herbs, oils, colors, or perfumes to water, you do so to enhance the ability of the prayer to do the work which is being requested. The water is usually the accumulator of the magical prayer or charge.

Adding Influences to Water

There are a variety of simple methods for adding specific influences to water. This has been highly developed in the healing arts and a variety of methods are in use. In India, the Ayurvedic healers developed a system of healing which uses water to capture the vital essence of gemstones. Metal pieces are placed in water which is then used for the treatment of specific conditions. Flower petals, placed on the surface of a bowl of water and exposed to sunlight, are the basis for the preparation of the Bach Flower Essences discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in England. The “vital essence,” or what is called “akasha,” of the material passes into the water, which accumulates it. In the case of the Bach Flower Essences, and in some of the Ayurvedic gemstone healing solutions, the vital essence of the flower or gem is placed into the water by the vital essence of the sun. The water is the passive accumulator of this force.

Solarized water is simply water which has been placed in the sunlight. The vital essence of the sun enters into the water in this way. The astrological aspects or the placement of the sun and moon may also be considered to determine the best time to prepare a particular solarized water. It is sometimes specified that a particular spell be made with “water which has never seen the light of the sun.”

Moon water, as the name suggests, is water which has been exposed to the light of the full moon. Again, it may be necessary to inquire into the lunar aspects and other astrological factors to determine just what kind of water is being produced. For example, the sun and moon are joined at the new moon, and it is difficult—if not impossible—to prepare “new moon water” which is not also “solarized water.”

From the above it is easy to see that it is quite possible to practice a full range of magical operations using only water as the medium for the magical charge. Some magicians have large collections of every conceivable type of magical water. This becomes a bulky process however, as the average person doesn't have the storage space for such an extensive collection of waters. And you don't really need them.

Solarized Healing Waters

Healing water may be prepared by placing tap water into a clean bottle, exposing it to sunlight, and then praying over it for the healing of a specific person or condition. The same water may be prepared over the course of a year by filling a green bottle with tap water and exposing the bottle to sunlight on the day after the new moon. If this is done with the new moon in each of the astrological signs over the course of a year, a complete set of twelve healing waters will be obtained. You can use this water for healing by placing a few drops of the healing water in a small glass with a teaspoonful of tap water. Pray over the glass for relief of the condition with which the individual is afflicted. The dose should be repeated four or five times a day until remission occurs. As with any natural healing method, healing with water is a very slow process, so it is best to consult a physician and place yourself under his or her treatment, using this method as an adjutant rather than as a primary form of healing.

In order to solarize healing water, remember that the unique healing property comes from the color of the glass bottle and the vital energy of the sun. To induce energy in a lethargic person, the water should be placed in a red bottle, while a blue bottle will provide a calming effect. Using a yellow glass bottle will stimulate the mind, shaking off mental dullness. Colored glass bottles which will pass the rays of the sun are difficult to obtain, so green wine bottles are usually used for solarization.

If you want to make a more penetrative or active version of the healing waters, use bottled spring water instead of tap water. Spring water is considered to be somewhat more active in nature, but there is little difference between it and tap water. If you live in a place where your water comes from underground sources, you will find your tap water as satisfactory as most spring water.

There is no standard procedure for exposing water to sunlight. Place the bottle on a windowsill. The water will accumulate the most energy when it is exposed to the light of the sun between sunrise and noon on the day following the new moon. Once the water is prepared, store it in a dark place, or at least keep it out of the light of the sun.

To use the twelve solarized waters effectively, you must treat the body with water solarized in the sign of the zodiac that rules the part of the body you wish to heal. This will send the energy of the new moon in that sign to the part of the body affected. See Table 1 on page 27 for a complete list. Healing is assisted by the energy of the moon and the prayer you say over the water. For example, let's say that you want to preserve the appearance of your skin. According to astrological theory, the skin itself is ruled by Capricorn, while its beauty is ruled by Libra. If you were to use solarized water for this treatment, you would add a few drops of Libra water to a teaspoon of tap water and rub it on your skin. You might also wish to add a few drops of the healing water to your regular bath. Needless to say, like any other holistic or natural healing method, you cannot use this system of therapy on anyone other than yourself. You cannot set yourself as a “water healer” without a degree to practice medicine.

You will discover there are times when solarized water is not of a healing nature. For example, you should not make solarized water during a solar eclipse. These “spoiled” waters should either be discarded or used for work which is more attuned to their nature. You can solarize perfectly acceptable water on the second day following the new moon if the water made on the first day does not meet the healing quality necessary.

Preparing a set of solarized waters can be an interesting exercise. At best it will teach you to notice the changes of the seasons and the way the quality of the water changes in accordance with the vibrations or influences of the astral universe at the time. If the exercise is approached as an exercise in self-discipline and development, it will pay dividends which will be of more value than any possible medical use, for it will assist you to attune yourself with the world around you.

Table 1. Parts of the Body Ruled by Moon Sign*


Part of Body Ruled


Head, Face, Brain


Neck, Throat, Cerebellum, Ears


Arms, Hands, Shoulders, Lungs, Blood


Breast, Stomach, Chest, Digestive


Organs, Heart, Back, Spine


Bowels, Intestine, Abdomen


Skin, Kidneys


Urinogenital System, Nose, Bladder, Appendix


Hips, Thighs, Arteries


Knees, Bones, Joints, Teeth


Legs, Ankles, Blood Circulation


Feet and Toes

* This information was extracted from: A Beginner's Guide to Practical Astrology by Vivan E. Robson. Published by Samuel Weiser, York Beach, Maine, 1976, pp. 71-73.

Having looked at water in its relatively pure state, we shall now look at its more complicated uses. For the most part this relates to making teas from herbs, but you can also add other things to enhance the qualities of water. There is no real difference between the water of an herb and an herbal tea used in herbal medicine. Magical teas are frequently diluted or colored with food color to make a specific water. In some cases, perfumes are added for various purposes. Magic waters that are sold in magic stores often have many other ingredients added to them. In most cases, additions are made to increase sales appeal. You NEVER use magical water or tea internally.

Making Water for Magical Use

There is one rule you must commit to memory if you wish to make any kind of water into an herbal tea. It applies to healing as well as to magic with herbs and is one of the few rules which applies to both arts. The rule is that leaves and flowers must be steeped, while roots and barks should be boiled. Until you have at least several years of experience working with herbs, there are no exceptions to this rule. There are a few exceptions which relate to specific advanced spells. Meanwhile, do not experiment!

Most of the herbs used in magical work are not the same as those you use for healing. Not only are different parts of the herb used, but some magical herbs have no place in the wildest and most eclectic herbal pharmacopoeia. The universal life force of the herb is extracted when you use herbs for healing or for magic, but that is the only similarity. If you use herbs for healing as well as for magic, it might be noted that when your healing herbs lose their “virtue” from age or poor storage, they may still be strong enough to use magically. The opposite condition does not hold true at all. Some magical herbs are simply members of a general family of herbs, and any member of that family will do. Others must be taken from very specific plants, under very specific conditions to obtain the virtue desired. Again—never drink magical herbal teas. They are not meant for internal use!

There are two general methods for preparing magical herbal teas. They give different effects, depending on the prayer made over them at the time they are “brought to life.” The two methods depend upon the temperature of the water used in making the teas. The cold method, using room temperature or cooler water, is preferred for fresh picked herbs and flowers. The cold method allows the water to absorb the astral magnetic influence of the herb as well as some of the “akashic” influence—the influence of the universal life force of the herb. In the hot method you use some form of boiling water, and only the akashic influence or its universal life force content transfers to the water. Any magnetic influence in the herb tea must be added by the prayer of the magician when the herb is used. It is quite possible to have clients make teas by the cold method for their own use. However, teas made by the hot process should be prepared by the magician. Or the magician could give a few ounces of water (which the magician has prayed over) to the client to be added to the hot tea once it has reached room temperature. Another way of dealing with this is to purchase small (single service) bottles of vodka, which the magician prays over, and these could be added by the client to the completed herbal tea. In this way herbal baths, cleansers, or other herbal-based spells used by far-away clients will be as effective as the ones actually made by the magician. Vodka will take a good magical charge, especially if it is a higher proof. Vodka also has the ability of preserving herbal teas that are not refrigerated.


In order to make a cold herbal tea you need a clean jar with a fairly wide mouth, such as a mason jar. Fill the jar with the fresh herbs or flowers, but don't pack them down tightly. Once the jar is filled with herbs, add sufficient tap or spring water to fill the jar within an inch or so of its top. All the herbs should be under the water. Place the filled bottle in the refrigerator or some other cool place for a week. If the mixture was made for use as a sprinkle, it is now ready. If you want to store the herb tea, you can either strain out the herbs or leave them in. You should add a few ounces of vodka in any event, as it assists in retarding spoilage.

If you have made the herbal mixture by the cold process for a bath, you should use the bath as soon as possible after the tea is ready, but do not add vodka. Alcohol of any kind has an effect of its own in a bath and is best kept away from any bath you might take. Using any alcoholic beverage in a bath will encourage many people to drink alcohol.


Bring about ten or twelve ounces of water to a boil in an iron or stainless-steel pot. A ceramic pot can be used, but aluminum pots should be avoided. Add the pieces of root bark or seeds and allow the mixture to simmer for ten to fifteen minutes at a low boil. Remove from the heat and allow the mixture to cool to room temperature. You can strain out the pieces of root bark or seeds by passing the liquid through cheesecloth or a tea strainer. If the liquid is going to be stored for any length of time, two or three ounces of vodka should be added to retard spoilage.

To make a tea of flowers or dried herbs, you would bring the ten or twelve ounces of water to boil in the same way. Use an iron, stainless steel, or ceramic pot to boil the water, as you did for the root and bark. When you use flowers or dried leaves, you pour the boiling water over about a teaspoon of the dried or ground herb in a bowl. Allow the mixture to stand and steep until it reaches room temperature. The solids may be strained out with cheesecloth or a tea strainer, and the finished tea can be bottled for storage if desired. Add about two ounces of vodka to each eight ounces (or cup) of the finished herbal tea.


In most cases it is advisable to make up only as much of the tea as you will need within the next few months. Most of these preparations do not store well, even with the addition of vodka (or other alcohol) as a preservative. When you open a bottle of herbal tea and are assailed by an odor of decay, it is best to close it up again and discard the entire mixture, bottle and all. It may not seem obvious, but the essential quality of a product will usually pass to its most negative form through the action of bacteria. In short, this means that if the tea has spoiled, don't use it, for you may make a harmful situation rather than a cure.

The reason for using iron or ceramic pots is not obvious until you recall that aluminum is not a natural metal. Iron and stainless steel occur in nature. Passing energy through them in the form of heat transmits the virtue of Mars, the planetary ruler of iron, to the material being boiled or to the water being heated. Ceramics are also naturally occurring materials, and Pyrex-type products are the modern cousins of the clay pots made by our ancestors. Heat energy is not distorted when it passes through these materials.

Treat herbs with respect and they will give you the same consideration. You are working with their non-physical properties when you work with herbs magically. Your ability to work with them at all is a gauge of your ability to feel their essence at work, for you recognize that they are a part of the same divine creation which you inhabit.

War Water

War Water (or iron water) was used to treat anemia by folk healers many years ago. It is not a particularly effective method for treating anemia, and there are far better ways to correct iron deficiencies today. It is almost never used medically by folk healers any more, but it has retained its value in magical practice.

Magically, iron water is used to gain protection or to launch magical attacks. It is called War Water because it is one of the most useful weapons for engaging in psychic warfare. It has this reputation because of the superiority of iron weapons over the older weapons of bronze and stone. Iron is the metal of the planet Mars, the planet astrologers credit with ruling warfare and combat, as well as sex. Used for either defense or attack, War Water is a strong carrier of the negative emotional energy used in magical battles.

Iron is found in many urban water supplies. Naturally occurring iron water is not really any better than the homemade product. In some cases, the homemade product is far superior, as natural iron water may also include undesirable ingredients. The following formula for War Water will produce a material that has a very strong and workable quality to it.

Place about 3/4 pound of cut iron nails into a large (two-quart) bottle. “Cut nails” are the old-fashioned nails that have a rectangular cross-section. They are still available from hardware stores as they are used as masonry nails. We use cut nails because they have a rough finish and will rust easily. Add a half pint of drinkable tap water. Allow this to stand for eight or ten days until the nails begin to rust. Once the rusting process begins, add a quart of tap water. You can store the bottle in the refrigerator or leave it in a cool place in your home. The bottle must be opened occasionally to allow enough air to enter to continue the rusting process.

Once the water has a definite tinge of rust, usually about a week to ten days after you have added the quart of water, it is ready to use. Should you find any trace of mold or bacteria on the water, you should discard the water, the bottle and the nails. I have never had this happen, but I have heard that it can.

To use the water, remove about two ounces of the rusty water from the bottle at a time. Add fresh tap water as water is removed and you will have an almost continuous supply of the water. As this water is not often used, even in the midst of a psychic war, it is not necessary to concern yourself about running out once you have made some. A little War Water goes a long way.

Using War (or Iron) Water

There are a number of ways that you can use iron water. It is generally used for protection, and you can take a bath to protect yourself, or you can use it in your home to protect yourself against specific spells. This water is especially beneficial when you want to protect yourself against acts of violence of any sort.


Take two ounces of War Water and add it to a tub of water. Pray over the tub for general protection in life, as well as for protection against the specific influence you wish to have removed from your life. This could be as specific as “The thoughts of N.N.,” “The evil work of N.N.,” or so forth. You could also pray for general protection, but this should be done only rarely. Once a year is sufficient for a general protection bath, and it should be taken after you have protected your home with the War Water as given below. Soak in the tub for at least eight minutes, immersing yourself completely at least four times. You should air dry after this bath to maintain the protection around you. It is best if you avoid taking any other bath, even for cleansing, for twenty-four hours.

This bath should not be taken more often than once a week. Usually, taken twice a year, this bath will protect you from the effects of any magician of better than average ability.


To protect your home or apartment against the type of spell that is cast by placing something in the doorway or on the steps of a house, add two ounces of War Water to a mop bucket of water. Pray over the water to remove all negative influences from your doorway, your steps, and whatever else you intend to mop. Then mop the surfaces, wringing out the mop into another bucket. When you have finished, pour the mop water and the wringings into a street or a roadway.

If you are going to declare psychic war on someone, you should mop your stairs, porch, doorway, and any outside surfaces of your home on which anything can be cast or thrown before you begin the war. This ensures that you will be protected when the other person's inevitable counterattack comes. In most cases War Water will cause any spell which is placed on your doorstep to rebound instantly to the sender.


This spell is especially suited to protecting a home from acts of violence, whether the violence is psychic or physical. This spell may be done annually if desired. The best day to do this in a Christian home is on the feast day of St. John the Baptist, on June 24th. In a pagan or non-religious home, the best day is the day of the summer solstice, about the 21st of June.

Add two ounces of War Water to a mop bucket of water. Pray over the water for the protection you want. If you are a Christian, you should pray in the name of St. John the Baptist. Lightly mop the house out, from top to bottom, front to back. Wring your mop into another bucket. Throw out the water and the wringings from the back door of the house if you have a back door. Rinse out the bucket and mop and pour the rinse water down the toilet. If you don't have a back door, flush the water down the toilet and rinse out the bucket and mop and flush that water, too.


Tar Water

Creosote was once a common household cleanser. It is no longer available, however, as many people feel that creosote causes cancer. Tar Water has been used in the past for the same kinds of cleansing as creosote was used for. It is almost as effective as creosote, and much easier to obtain. To make Tar Water you will need access to a wood-burning fireplace. Tar Water is occasionally made using roofing tar. This is not the same product, for roofing tar has a mineral origin—it is made from petroleum. Roofing tar and coal tar are not the same as wood tar and cannot be used for the removal of thoughtforms.

To make Tar Water you will need about a quart of wood tar, the sticky stuff that comes from the chimney of wood burning fireplaces. Place the tar in a large bucket. You should use a bucket you are not particularly attached to, as you will find that it is not going to be very good for cleaning any more. Mix about a gallon of water with the tar, stirring briskly with a wooden stick for ten or fifteen minutes. Allow the tar to settle for two or three hours and pour the water off into a clean container. Let the water settle again and once again pour it off, filtering it through cheesecloth into smaller bottles you can close.

Tar Water usually does not go bad, so it is not necessary to add vodka to it as a preservative. It will settle out further in time, forming a dark oily ring around the bottle. It is necessary that the bottle be shaken vigorously before any water is taken from it. Another approach is to add a small amount of dishwashing soap—a few drops per quart of Tar Water. This will dissolve the oil in the Tar Water, so it does not stain the bottle.

Using Tar Water

Tar Water, like creosote, is used to remove heavy thoughtforms from a person, place, or thing. It is used to remove the kind of heavy and obsessive thoughts that come from the deep emotions of grief, pain, and loss. It can also be used as a floor wash or mopping compound to remove heavy negative emotions left by quarrels, fights, or arguments.

If you recently moved into new living quarters and find yourself quarreling more often with those with whom you live, you may be being influenced by the thoughtforms of the previous residents. Negative thoughtforms can remain in the same location for many years, influencing everyone who comes in contact with them. Using Tar Water floor wash throughout the living space will destroy these thoughtforms, or at least weaken them enough to reduce their effect on your family.


For a tub bath, use a cup of Tar Water to a tub full of bath water. Pray over the bath for the release of the thoughtforms, or for cleansing and protection. The person being cleansed should soak in the tub for about ten minutes, trying to let go of all inner turbulence.


For a floor wash, use about a cup of Tar Water in a bucket of water. Clean the floors first, and then use the floor wash as a final coating. In some cases, it may seem as if the room has been redecorated; it can become much brighter once the old thoughtforms have been cleaned out.


Indigo Water

Indigo is made from a plant. It used to be one of the principal ingredients in blue dyes and in laundry bluing. As it was a fairly rare and expensive commodity, it quickly gained a magical reputation. Pieces of indigo were carried as good luck charms, and indigo began to be used for all sorts of things.

Indigo does have certain useful properties, and it was the discovery of these properties which gave the material its initial reputation. As a dye, and as a color, indigo has the ability to strengthen the astral nature of anything to which it is applied. Natural indigo (or the color indigo from natural sources) will act faster in this respect than an aniline dye of the same color. This is because of the greater harmony of the natural dye with the natural flow of the universal life force.

The astral world is fed by those things which affect the human senses. Thus, color, scent, flavor, and texture are, or may be regarded, as foods to the astral realm. This is one of the reasons why physical offerings are made to the forces of the universe, and these forces are known as gods to their worshippers.

Indigo water is made from ordinary household bluing, either dissolved or diluted with tap water. The powdered bluing will settle on standing, so the bottle must be shaken before each use. If it is impossible to find bluing, which is fast going out of style in this age of wash-and-wear, blue food coloring may be used. An intense blue color is what is required in the bottle of Indigo Blue Water.

Using Indigo Blue Water

Indigo Blue Water is used to strengthen and add power to charms of all sorts. A few drops of the water are placed on the charm and spread over it before the charm is prayed over. The water is allowed to evaporate from the charm, or to be absorbed by it. This treatment will strengthen the astral field of the charm and allow it to accept a greater charge of emotional energy from the magician when it is charged by prayer.


Indigo Blue Water is very useful in baths for it strengthens the aura and, thus, the astral body. When it is used for this purpose it is used in a soaking bath. The individual taking the bath should relax in the tub for about twenty minutes. About one to three tablespoons of Indigo Blue Water are added to the tub for this bath. For the best effect, the person taking the bath should submerge completely in the bath several times.


Other Uses for Indigo Blue Water

Indigo Blue Water is frequently used in conjunction with sea water to balance the energy flow. To balance your energy, it is applied to your spinal column following a thorough spiritual cleansing.

A mixture of Indigo Water and sea water is frequently found on the altar of practitioners of a number of magico-religious practices. Those who keep this symbol do so as an obligation or a duty; it is not done as a casual act. The fact that you see someone do it does not mean that you should follow their example.

Flower and Fruit Waters

Flower and fruit waters may be made from flower petals and fruit peelings by the cold method. The flowers or fruit are placed in water and left in the refrigerator for a week or so. If you wish to keep these waters, you should add vodka to retard spoilage. Water will accept the vibrations of most flowers and fruits, but not much of the scent will pass into the water. Usually there is enough of the quality present to allow the water to be used magically, but there is insufficient scent to allow its use as perfume. Once the flower petals or fruit peelings have served their purpose in making the water, they should be strained out and discarded.

There are three favorite waters in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking which may be used directly as flower waters. They have a better quality than the homemade product and are usually more effective when they are used as sprays. These are rose water, orange water, and orris water. In some cases, lemon and lime waters can also be purchased, but these are considerably more difficult to locate.

Once you can identify the effects of fruit and flower essences, you can make up your own. These essences make a useful spray in the home, sprayed from an ordinary “spritzer” spray bottle. Until you can identify the effects of a spray by the vibration, you are better off using only the sprays mentioned here.

ROSE WATER: Will act to purify any place where it is sprayed or used as a floor wash. It will act to remove some thoughtforms or heavy vibrations. It can make a home a lighter place to live in. It is not a cure-all, however, and will neither remove heavy thoughtforms nor break curses.

ORANGE WATER: This water smells a bit like orange blossoms—the traditional wedding flower. It acts to encourage the display of emotions—which is useful if the emotions displayed are positive! It is good to use if you are expecting company for a dinner or a party.

ORRIS WATER: Made from orris root, or garden iris root, this water is used to promote communication between people. It is best sprayed into the air before a gathering takes place. Its effect as a floor wash is not very lasting. It seems to act to encourage people to speak their minds on any subject and can be useful for preparing conference rooms and meeting halls.

LEMON WATER: Brings a refreshing and stimulating feeling to the place where it is sprayed. It can also suppress those who talk too much.

LIME WATER: Lime water calms places where an excess of energy is present. It is useful in a children's playroom as a spray or a floor wash. It has only a temporary effect, but it can assist you in getting children to bed on time if you spray the room while they are having dinner. There is a commercial lime water which is available which is not made from the lime, and it will not have the same effect. Be sure you make your own water from the fruit of the lime.

For parties and social occasions, a spray made from rose and orris water will make the occasion a bit more festive. It lightens the vibrations and makes people a bit more communicative. There are further suggestions for sprays in the section on herbs. They are all made from herbal teas. We will now look at the predecessors of sprays—the herbal sprinkles.

Water Sprinkles

Sprinkles and sprays serve a similar purpose. They change the feeling of a place. They are usually made from an herb tea with a bit of vodka added to retard spoilage. In most cases the herb tea is one which is made by the cold process in the refrigerator. The sprinkle is placed in the room by sprinkling from a bowl by hand, while the spray is placed in the room using a spritzer sprayer.

Many occult and curio shops sell aerosol pressurized sprays. The water-based sprinkles and sprays made from herbs and spices are much less expensive. The homemade product actually works better, as the store items are usually made of perfume and do not have much of the herb or spices in them. One of the nice things about sprinkles and sprays is that the effects are not as long lasting as those found with incenses or other work. Thus, it becomes possible to change the effects in a room several times during the course of a day.

To make up a sprinkle, use the herb tea directly from the bottle in the refrigerator. Pour about two ounces in a bowl and sprinkle it around the room freely. Be sure to get some into the corners of the room, but unless you like to wash walls, try to avoid flicking the sprinkle onto the walls as it will water spot. In the section on herbs there are a number of herbs mentioned as sprinkles, along with the purpose for their use. As with everything else used with magical intent, it is important to pray over the sprinkle for the effect you desire before you begin flicking it around the room.

Making Baths

In the section on herbs several herbs are mentioned that can be used as a bath. These baths are made by using an herb tea. About eight ounces of the tea are required for a tub bath.

In the case of a blended tea, made from two or more herbs, it is better to make the teas separately and then blend the strained teas together. In certain cases, this is not done, the two herbs being mixed together and only one tea made. It is important to read the instructions in each case. For the most part it is probably better to stick with the baths listed as examples in this section or the single herb baths in the section on herbs. Experimenting will often cause more trouble than it is worth.

All these baths are intended to work on the spiritual body, so they should be taken as soaking baths. This also means that a physical bath should usually precede the spiritual bath—no soap or bath oil should be used in an herbal bath. As the bath intends to work on the spiritual body, it is better to air dry after an herbal bath.

In taking an herbal bath, the entire body should be exposed to the herb. This requires that the person soak in the tub for six to eight minutes, immersing the whole body completely several times. This procedure will allow the herbal bath to have its best effect on you.

Using herbal baths occasionally is an excellent way of keeping yourself on top of the world around you. It is not a cure-all, but it is an improvement over the usual state of spiritual neglect which most people practice. A few of the cleansing and protective baths may convince you to make them a regular part of your life.


This bath will release negative influences and maintain you in a protected state for ten to twelve hours. It is a good bath to take if you have to visit negative or hostile people. The bath provides a sort of “armor” that protects you throughout the course of your visit. Place in a two-quart bowl:

7 fresh garlic cloves

1 pinch dried thyme

1/4 teaspoon dried basil

1 pinch dried sage

Pour a quart of boiling water over the mixture and allow the water to cool while the mixture steeps. Strain out the spices and pour the mixture into a tub full of bath water. Bathe in the tub for seven minutes, praying for the release of negativity and protection from negativity. Immerse your body at least three times. In this bath it is the interaction of the herbal mixture that permeates the bath, giving it its special character.


If you work for yourself, or if your income depends on tips, you can increase your earnings by taking this bath. It is designed specifically to provide a temporary increase in the money supply. It should be taken shortly after a new moon for the longest lasting results. However, it should not be taken more frequently than once every three or four months. Too frequent use nullifies its effects. Place in a two-quart bowl:

7 teaspoons dried parsley

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 teaspoon brown sugar

Pour one quart of boiling water over the mixture and allow it to cool to room temperature. Then strain the liquid into a half tub of bath water. Bathe for seven minutes and pray for an increase in finances while you are in the tub. Do not wonder or speculate as to where the money will come from; just know that you will receive it.


The purpose of this bath is to remove sexual fears and blocks from a woman who is about to be married. It may also be used under other circumstances, but my source specified that the bath is for women and is to be taken three days before the wedding. A friend who used it said that it made her more freely orgasmic. It certainly can't hurt in any case.

Combine 3 heaping teaspoons of dried oregano, and 1 heaping teaspoon of dried basil. Place in a bowl and pour a quart of boiling water over the mixed herbs. When the mixture cools to room temperature, strain out the herbs and add the tea to a tub of bath water. You should remain in the tub for at least eight minutes and immerse yourself a total of eight times. Air drying is very much preferred in a bath of this kind, and you should not take another bath for at least twenty-four hours.


Unresolved conflicts are very damaging in daily life. As these emotional conflicts and stresses are usually deeply buried within, you do not usually examine them consciously. The trick in dealing with conflict is to release rather than to hold on to it. Unfortunately, this usually requires that you deal with conflicts using your rational mentality, something which few people are equipped to do. The following bath will assist in the release of conflicts and associated emotional energy, whether or not the conflict has presented itself to your conscious mind.

Draw a tub of bath water and add 1 cup of sifted rye flour to it, stirring the flour in well. You should soak in the tub for about twenty minutes, immersing yourself at least four or five times. You should consciously relax in the tub, releasing any tension which you might feel.


Psychiatrists who follow the philosophy of Dr. Wilhelm Reich often prescribe this bath for their patients. They use it to release astral dirt and thoughtforms. A friend of mine claims this bath rebalances the electromagnetic field of the person taking it. It has a strong effect on many people, and it should be taken only when you are able to go to sleep afterwards.

I have recommended this bath successfully for those who suffer from over-excitable natures. It gives them at least some degree of calm. I usually accompany this bath with a recommendation to see a professional therapist.

Draw a tub of cool water and add 1 pound of bicarbonate of soda and 1 pound of sea salt. Mix the water thoroughly to be certain that the salts are dissolved. Enter the tub and immediately immerse yourself. Remain in the tub for at least twenty minutes, immersing yourself frequently and relaxing between immersions. When you leave the tub, you should dry thoroughly and go to bed and sleep until you awaken.

If you are greatly disturbed after this bath, you should consult a professional therapist, as it means you need to discuss your problems with someone.


This bath may be taken either to release negative influences or to assist you in toning your skin. The bath has been used as a cosmetic aid for many years, but because it also has some benefit in releasing negative influences, it is included here. This bath can be used as a regular bath—with soap, bath oil, and whatever. The usual time you spend in the tub is usually sufficient for this bath for the bath will allow the release of minor negative influences while you bathe. Add the following to a tub of bath water:

1 cup apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon salt

If you wish to use this bath strictly to release negativity, bathe for five minutes with a minimum of three full immersions. Pray for the release of any negative energy around you.


When you have difficulty in dealing with the everyday situations of life, you are probably experiencing two very similar problems. First, you may have a problem with self-esteem, and second, you probably lack self-discipline. These two difficulties seem to feed on each other, and the end result is that your life becomes a tangled mess.

The usual solution to these difficulties is to seek some form of therapy. Taking this bath in the initial stages of therapy will usually assist you to gather enough self-discipline to see at least part of your problem dissipate to the extent that you can deal with what remains.

The bath has an action which firms up willpower and it will temporarily remove anything which is acting as an impediment to your will. You need some form of therapy to overcome learned difficulties, and this bath is not a substitute for psychotherapy or any other form of therapy. It is merely an assistance in the early stages of your attempt to break out of a negative life. It is at best an aid, not a remedy.

The bath is also useful if you wish to break a habit pattern with which you have become consciously identified. An example is giving up the habit of smoking. The bath will give some assistance by strengthening your willpower to overcome the addiction to tobacco. Here again, the bath is an aid, not a remedy.

The difficulty with relying on magical aids to drive off negative influences or change character is that there is always something within that calls the negative influence to you in the first place. This “something” is not removed by the bath. It must be removed through the exertion of personal effort. If you cannot make the effort or will not make the effort to remove the “something,” the difficulty will return. Any magical spell, charm, bath, or whatever can only allow your astral nature to see just what it would be like if this “something” were to be permanently gone. It is then up to your astral, mental, and animal nature to get rid of it.

If you have tried to work with people over any length of time, you are probably aware that most people do not wish to change; they wish to become comfortable. Thus, they are not likely to wish to divest themselves of any ingrained habit or negativity. What they want is to learn how to be comfortable with the ingrained habit or negativity that they have.

With these caveats in mind, the Cherry Blossom Bath for self-discipline is still a very useful bath. If for no other reason, you might wish to take one to assist yourself in working some of the other spells in the book!

To make this bath, take a handful of fresh cherry blossoms and place them in a two-quart bowl. Pour a quart of boiling water over them and let them steep until the water cools to room temperature. Strain the blossoms out and pour the liquid into a tub of bath water. Soak in the tub for twenty minutes to a half hour, immersing yourself four or five times. Air dry after this bath to keep the vibration or feeling around you as long as possible.


When relationships between people are ended, either through mutual agreement or divorce, there is still an astral connection between them. The astral connection is caused by their sexual contact, which energizes this connection. This astral connection may cause a great deal of discomfort until it finally weakens over time. There is a simple way to end this astral connection once and for all. This is through the use of a ritual bath made with walnuts. The bath makes it easier for both parties to end the relationship. Don't use this ritual bath if you are not sure if you really want to break the tie.

Simmer six unshelled walnuts in an iron pot full of water. The walnuts should simmer about three hours, with water being added as required. Allow the last quart or so of water to cool to room temperature, remove the walnuts and add the tea to a tub of bath water. When in the tub you should make a sincere prayer to end the relationship. On no account should sexual relations with the other party be resumed after taking the bath.


Spiritual power is associated with spiritual growth. If you desire spiritual power, you need to look more to spiritual growth as a way to gain that which you seek. There is no external road to true spiritual growth, as the process of growth must be undertaken yourself and you will probably need the guidance of a spiritual teacher.

The following bath can assist in cleaning away the detritus which keeps one from true spiritual growth. It also has the side benefit of making it somewhat easier for the teacher to draw you near. A student who is ready is never too far away from a teacher; you may only be ignorant that the teacher exists.

Take 1 tablespoon of ground white eggshells and 1 tablespoon of lotus root powder. Stir into the bath by hand and pray over the bath before you enter it. Once in the tub, immerse yourself immediately. Continue to immerse until you have made a total of eight immersions. Then leave the tub and air dry. Do not take another bath for twenty-four hours.


Mate tea, made from Ilex paraguariensis leaves, is a very common tea in South America. In addition to its use as a beverage, it is also used as a cleansing bath in spiritual practices from Mexico to Brazil. It is a favorite in many of the Spanish spiritual practices as it has a positive cleansing effect. As a bath it will remove most of the astral detritus of everyday life, and is effective in removing the effects of malochia (Evil Eye), as well as breaking minor curses.

Mate tea is available in teabags from health food stores. Add 2 cups of strong mate tea to a tub full of water and soak for six to eight minutes. Immerse yourself at least three times while in the tub. This tea can also be used as a sponge bath. Sponge the solution over yourself after taking a shower or otherwise washing yourself. Air dry after sponging.


Broom herb (Cytisus scoparius) is used in baths as an astral “broom,” clearing out the influences of the lower astral realms. The tops of the broom plant are placed in a pot and about two cups of boiling water are poured over them. Once the mixture has reached room temperature, the broom herb is strained out and the liquid added to a tub of bath water.

In this bath, water should be continuously poured over your head while you sit in the tub full of water. After six or eight bowls of water are poured over your head, you should leave the bath and towel dry your hair. Air drying completes the bathing process.

Broom herb tops, like many other herbs, can also be used to make an alcohol. The procedure is to simply soak the herb in ethyl rubbing alcohol for a week or so. The alcohol can be used for cleansing the aura by wiping the body down, or by placing about three ounces of the alcohol in the bathtub and taking a bath as above.


Ground cloves (Eugenia aromatica) may be used as a protection bath. They act to protect you from any negative influences sent either consciously or sub-consciously by others. Before you attend a meeting or interact with people with whom you are likely to have verbal or psychic conflict, a clove bath is recommended.

Pour 2 cups of boiling water over ½ teaspoon of ground cloves. Allow the mixture to steep until it reaches room temperature and add it to a tub of bath water. Stay in the tub seven or eight minutes, immerse seven times. Pray for protection from all negative influences. Air dry yourself to maintain the protective influence of the bath.