Spoken Spells

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Spoken Spells


The Pennsylvania Dutch Hexenmeisters work almost entirely with spoken spells. Many other practices use spoken spells and differentiate them from the use of prayers. In fact, a spoken spell is a prayer, but it is not a prayer in accordance with the suggestions for prayer made by Christ as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew 6:6. The spoken spell is said before the person for whom the work is being done, and the force of the spell itself is what causes the work to be accomplished.

That the spoken word has real force is beyond question. Yet the power of the spoken word is not usually realized in our present society. One of the great Indian spiritual teachers of this century had the following to say about the power of the spoken word:

A man's words are lifeless if he fails to impregnate them with spiritual force. Talkativeness, exaggeration or falsehood makes your words as ineffective as paper bullets shot from a toy gun. The speech of garrulous or inaccurate persons is unlikely to produce any beneficial changes in the order of things. Man's words should represent not only truth but also his definite understanding and realization. Speech without soul force is like husks without corn.1

To be operative, the spoken spell must contain the full faith and belief of the person speaking it. It must also project into the person, place, or thing to which it is spoken. This is the reason for the voice exercises that are given to students of magic. Voice technique must be mastered before this kind of spell is fully operative. When one speaks the spell, he or she is actually affecting matter with the voice, and actually transforms it in accord with the will.

The manner in which this kind of spell is spoken is of primary importance. It must be spoken with absolute conviction, and in an emotional and energetic manner. This is not a manner of speech which is easily learned, but it can be learned and must be mastered by those who would learn these spells. The speaker's voice must resonate conviction so strongly that the words pass out and surround the person and area they are spoken for with a real and living spiritual force. Many of these spells were given to me by practitioners who regularly use them.

A number of spells in this section come from the Christian religious practice but most of them are not recognized by the established Christian Church today. They are still used by those who believe in them, however, and they work in the proper hands. The sincere prayer of anyone who believes is heard, regardless of the theological position at the time. Theology changes, God does not.


The first spell that every hex healer learns is the spell to stop blood. If you cannot use this spell to aid people who have cut themselves, it is unlikely that you will be able to make much progress in learning to heal other infirmities. The ability to stop blood is basic to the healer's art, and any person who would be a healer must first begin with this spell or one similar. This spell is in daily use by many hex healers in Pennsylvania, and it works according to the ability of the healer.

Jesus Christ, dearest blood!

That stoppeth the pain and stoppeth the blood.

In this help you (first name), God the Father,

God the Son, God the Holy Ghost. Amen.2

The spell is to be repeated over the person's wound or facing the direction in which the injured person is. Then three signs of the cross are made over the wound, or in the same direction, one after another. The spell should be repeated again in half an hour, in the same way.


Fire is a rural disaster. It brings total economic ruin to a farm family. There are a number of charms against the spread of fire. They work according to the ability of the person using them. The following charm is to be spoken at the fire itself to halt its spread.

Our dear Sarah journeyed through the land,

having a fiery hot brand in her hand.

The fiery brand heats; the fiery brand sweats.

Fiery brand, stop your heat:

Fiery brand, stop your sweat.3


This spell comes from a work which is quite popular among Hexers called Albertus Magnus, or the Egyptian Secrets.4 The book is popular in Germany, and widely sold in the United States. It was not written by Albertus Magnus, but it is attributed to him because of his widespread reputation as a magician and wizard.

Swelling, swelling, swelling,

In the name of Jesus, I command thee,

That thou shalt cause_________________,

As little pain as the three nails caused

Our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Make three signs of the cross over the swelling. Repeat the spell in a half hour, as above.


The person making the prayer of exorcism faces the one afflicted and repeats the following, saying it three times, aloud and in a clear voice.

Thou arch-sorcerer, thou has attacked _______________;

let that witchcraft recede from him into thy marrow and into

thy bone, let it be returned unto thee. I exorcise thee for the five

wounds of Jesus, thou evil spirit, and conjure thee for the five

wounds of Jesus of this flesh, marrow and bone; I exorcise thee

for the sake of the five wounds of Jesus, at this very hour restore

to health again, in the name of God the Father, God the Son, and

God the Holy Spirit.

Three signs of the cross should be made at the end of each prayer.


Say the following to the person in a clear voice, making the signs of the cross over the wound where indicated at the end of the prayer.

Our beloved Lord Jesus Christ had many boils and wounds, but never had them bound. They do not become sore, they fester not, neither do they suppurate. Jonas was blind, when I, the heavenly child said unto him: As true as the holy five wounds were inflicted and did not curdle nor fester. From them I take water and blood, that is for all hurts and injuries good. Holy is the man who can heal all wounds and injuries. Amen.


The following spell should be recited softly but firmly by the person who is working the spell, while holding his or her hand over the burned area. If the burn is extensive, the hand should be moved to a different part of the burned area and the spell repeated until the entire area of the burn is covered. This is a famous charm for removing the pain from a burn and has been used with excellent results for many years. I was unable to write about it until I recently found it in print, as it had been given to me in secret many years ago.

Fire of God, Lose thy heat,

As Judas lost his color

When he betrayed our Lord

In the Garden of Olives.5


When preparing for bed, you may protect your home through the use of the following prayer. Kneel at your bedside and say the following prayer four times.

My Home has four corners

Four Holy Angels adorn them,

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Neither Witches, nor Charmers,

Nor those who do evil

May harm me or mine.

My home has four corners

Four Holy Angels adorn them

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

My home stands with Christ,

Surrounded by the Angels,

Protected from evil

Which would harm me or mine.

In the name of the Father,

And of the Son,

And of the Holy Spirit,



Malochia, or the Evil Eye, is a physical condition with an entirely psychic cause. It presents as an otherwise unexplainable headache or a sudden backache with no known origin. The following is one of a number of spells which may be used to relieve the condition. It is notable in that it is one of the few spells which you can use to cure malochia for yourself. It may be repeated every half hour for three repetitions for complete relief from a severe attack.

Place a teaspoon of olive oil in a small dish. Pray the following prayer over it.

Adoni, Lord of the worlds, visible and invisible, be my physician and comfort me in my distress. Heal and remove from me this which has been placed on me to aggrieve my head and my back. Thou art my only help, Thou art my only counsel, Thou art my only source of action. Come to my help I pray thee to give me healing. Amen.7

Anoint your temples, the top of your head and the bump at the back of your head with the oil.


This is a prayer to be said on a daily basis. It is a spoken spell and is used with the intent of overcoming all obstacles to the work at hand. The prayer is also used by a few Hexenmeisters as they prepare to do healings or to make charms.

Jesus Christ, Saviour of Man,

I ask that you aid me in my work.

Almighty God, Creator of Man,

I ask that you aid me in my work.

Holy Spirit, Witness and Guide,

I ask that you aid me in my work.

Beloved Holy Trinity, mighty and mysterious, I ask that through the intercession of the angels my work prosper on this day, and that I be kept from all bad things. I shall be bound to the right, the good and the proper, and I shall see the work before me through the eyes of God, so that I may be led safely through all temptation to the profit of my immortal soul.

God be with me on this day.

Christ be with me on this day.

Holy Spirit be with me on this day.

I ask this in the name of Almighty God whose ears are never deaf to any appeal, who helps repentant sinners such as I to reach the glory of eternity through his mercy and his love.


This prayer may be used as a daily prayer being regularly spoken before leaving the house to go to work. Used in this way, it shows the one who prays it the true relationship between self, work and creator. Over time it will allow the one who uses it to grow closer in daily life to the will of God.


The process of taking an oath is held with awe and reverence in most primitive societies. In our modern and supposedly enlightened society, it is not held in such high esteem. Among some of the rural Hexenmeisters on the eastern seaboard, the taking of a serious oath is held in a different light from taking a civil oath. Agreeing to purchase a farm, to enter into a business, or to care for a friend's children after his or her death is a very serious step, and it requires a serious oath.

The following form of oath taking is considered to be a “serious oath,” and it is thought that one who breaks such an oath loses all chances of divine salvation or eternal grace. Oaths which are sworn in this way are usually held to be beyond breaking, and should they be broken, the individual is treated by his former friends and neighbors as if he were eternally damned. This is a much more severe form of shunning, in that the oath breaker is not even recognized, much less spoken to. He is usually unable to conduct any business at all, and certainly cannot borrow money from anyone in his community.

The process of taking the oath is as follows: Both parties read the oath with their hands on a copy of the Bible. When the prayer is finished, the two parties shake hands and the oath is complete. The agreement is usually written out in full and read by the parties agreeing to the various parts. In most cases there are two or three witnesses for each party present. The added social pressure of the oath takers knowing that the witnesses will inform the community at large makes the breaking of the oath a very unlikely act. In some cases, the oath is taken after a regular Sunday church service.

I swear by God the Father Almighty, and by Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son, and by the Holy Spirit, ever present and all knowing, that I enter into the following agreement with _____________________________ of my own free will and desire, and that I shall keep it as a cornerstone of my life or forfeit such grace toward salvation as my soul shall earn. I agree that ___________________________

All this do I swear with my right hand on God's holy word, calling upon God the Father, Jesus Christ his Son, and the Holy Spirit to bear witness to this and knowing that all of the angels of heaven will now aid me in keeping to my oath and contract, or they will punish me eternally should I break it. Amen.


I found the following prayer in an old booklet dating back to the 1860s which describes the manner of making a crystal, consecrating and using it. The consecration involves a blessing during the saying of a mass, so it would be difficult to suppose it could be done by anyone who was not a Roman Catholic priest. The booklet is attributed to (St.) Thomas the Ox of Christ, better known as the Dominican theologian St. Thomas Aquinas. It is unlikely, however, that he was the real author.

The prayer given below is to be said over the crystal before looking into it. It is to be spoken aloud as would befit a prayer made for the person who is to look into the crystal for another. The text did not specify whether this was quartz crystal or lead crystal—you will probably want to use quartz.

I pray thee, Holy Lady Helen, mother of King Constantine, who didst discover the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by that most sacred devotion and finding of the Holy Cross, and by that Most Holy Cross, and by the joy which thou hadst when thou didst find that Most Holy Cross, and by the love which thou hadst for thy son King Constantine, and by all the blessings which thou enjoyest perpetually, that thou should show me in this crystal whatever I seek and desire to know. Amen.


Muslim religious practice has a rich and varied source of magical spells and charms in the form of the Surahs of the Koran. This book, revealed entirely through the agency of the prophet Mohammed, is the Holy Book and the foundation of Islam. The last two Surahs of the Koran, which are included here, were revealed especially for the protection of humankind against evil.


The Daybreak

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful,

Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the Daybreak

From the evil of that which he created;

From the evil of the darkness when it is intense,

And from the evil of malignant witchcraft,

And from the evil of the envier when he envieth.



In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of Mankind,

The King of Mankind, The God of Mankind,

From the evil of the sneaking whisperer,

Who whispereth in the hearts of mankind,

Of the jinn and of mankind.8


This prayer is a combination of the Yoruba Nigerian pantheon in African magico-religious practice, and the Christian pantheon of Christ, the apostles and the saints. The two mythologies are blended in the traditional belief that Christ was a carpenter, and that the seven principal deities of the Yoruba pantheon use tools to do their work on the earth. It is a spoken spell, in that it works to effect changes in the life of the person who prays it with sincerity over a period of time.

The seven deities of the Yoruba pantheon are:

CHANGO (Sh-ang-go): The deity of fire, male virility, benevolence and wealth. He is similar to the Roman deity Jupiter.

ORULA (Oh-rule-ah): The deity of fate who sends humankind to earth with a life to live and a destiny to work out.

OGUN (Oh-goon): The deity of iron, craftsmanship, surgery, manual skills and warfare. He is similar to the Roman deity Mars.

ELEGUA (E-leg-wa): The deity of the crossroads and trickster of the Yoruba pantheon. He is similar to the Roman Mercury.

OBATALA (Oh-baa-ta-la): The deity of morality, spiritual growth, purity and kingship.

YEMAYA (Yem-ah-yah): The Mother Goddess of the Yoruba pantheon, she is the “owner of the sea,” and deity of salt water.

OSCHUN (Oh-shoe-n): She is the deity of gracious living and entertainment. Similar to the Roman Venus.

The seven tools mentioned in the following prayer are gathered together. Beginning on any convenient day, the prayer is made holding each of the tools in your hand in turn and setting each tool down to pick up the next one at the next line of the prayer. At the end of the prayer of the tools, they are put away saying, “In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, that they grant my wish for what I need most.” The prayer must be prayed with fervor and sincerity for seven consecutive days, to begin to effect changes in your life. At the end of the first week, conditions usually begin to change, and after the second week of continuous prayer, the most needful condition is in the process of being remedied.

I pray that the Seven Powers come to my aid.

Chango, you are the hammer, and I pray to you that I may have fulfillment in love.

Orula, you are the saw, and I pray to you that all obstacles may be removed from my life.

Ogun, you are the chisel, and I pray to you that you make my dreams come true.

Elegua, you are the mallet, and I pray to you that you make me dominate over my enemies.

Obatala, you are the wrench, and I pray to you that I have money for my needs.

Yemaya, you are the pliers, and I pray to you that I gain power and success.

Oschun, you are the hatchet, and I pray to you to protect me against all evil.

I pray that the seven powers come to my aid in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, and that they grant my wish for what I need most.