Wicca: Book of Spells and Witchcraft for Beginners. The Guide of Shadows for Wiccans, Solitary Witches, and Other Practitioners of Magic Rituals - Arin Chamberlains 2018


Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is a practice that can supplement the Wiccan religion and sometimes overlap with it, if you so choose. In this book you will learn the differences between Wicca and Witchcraft, and you will learn the principles and practices of both.

This book contains all the information necessary for you to grasp an understanding of the fundamentals of the Wiccan faith and to learn how to harness the power of nature and to command it to produce the results you desire. As you will come to know, Witchcraft is very unlike what the stigma associated with it compels people to believe. Rather, it is a holistic tradition that encompasses all facets of the natural and the spiritual world.

Much of the contents in non-denominational, and can be practiced by anybody of any faith. Think of this book as your first step towards an understanding of the Craft and ensure that you are open minded to recognize the beauty of the Craft and to accept the change it can bring to your life.