Personal Attire, Adornments & Your Name

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Personal Attire, Adornments & Your Name

Creating a Robe

There are several who prefer to work unrobed, or naked, otherwise termed as ’skyclad’ meaning clad by nothing but the sky. Skyclad magick work is the commonly preferred method but should weather be non-permitting or should you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, you may stitch a robe to use for magick work. The robe may be stitched from any fabric you desire and may be plain or elaborate and to any extent of either that you prefer. If you intend not to wear any clothing underneath your robe it is important to consider the fabric carefully, ensuring that you will be comfortable and that it will not itch, or scratch or irritate your skin in any way. It is an option to choose one fabric for the robe itself and then a lining to ensure your comfort.

Decide on the style of your robe, whether you wish to have a hood or not, or a cord around your waist. Consider pockets and the length of the sleeves. Select a color for your robe and any trimming you may desire. The robe may be embroidered or embellished to your heart’s content, as well. This is a fun, creative and enjoyable project!

The Horned Helmet & The Goddess Crown

The Horned Helmet is an item of headgear worn by the Priest when he intends to represent the God, just as the Priestess will wear the Goddess Crown when intending to represent the Goddess during rites or rituals. Both these items of headgear are simple to make and there are multiple ways of making them. The simplest way (apart from simply purchasing one, of course) is to select a copper or stainless steel mixing bowl that fits your head snugly as possible. Squeeze the bowl into the shape necessary to make the fit as comfortable as possible. Remove any unnecessary attachments if present, like handles, hooks or rings etc. Take two cow horns of roughly the same size and glue a wooden base at the bottom of the horns. Attach this base to the bowl that is now the helmet, using strong screws or epoxy glue, or both to be secure. That is the Horned Helmet done.

The second option is to make the helmet out of leather and then attach the two horns to the leather piece much the same way as with the mixing bowl. Purchase a basic pattern for a hat and follow the pattern using the leather piece. The third method is by making a copper circlet or a stainless steel circle that will sit on the head, and attach the horns on either side of the piece. In any method you select, you may substitute the cow horns with deer antlers.

Your Name & Its Significance

When beginning your path in Witchcraft, it is best to consider it almost like starting your life afresh. If you are looking at it like that, it only makes sense to have a new name. Of course, there may be nothing wrong with the name you have been given by your parents at birth, but perhaps you would like to select a name that reflects your personality better, or one that you identify with better than the name you have currently. It is not necessary, and you may choose to keep your current name, but in days gone by, to know a person’s name was to possess power over them.

While the superstitions or the beliefs of the ancient times have indeed changed much over the years, and there is no real need to keep your Witch name a secret, it is still good practice to respect the Witch name you choose, and share it among your coven members or those close to you only., simply out of respect for the Craft itself.

A Witch name may be selected from mythology, history or simply a creative mix of different words. There is no limit to the means by which you can come up with a name. It is advised that once you select a name, check the numerology of the name to ensure that the Name you have chosen is numerologically correct, meaning that the number of your name matches your birth number. This is important so that the name you choose as your Witch name aligns with your vibration, the vibration of the moment you were born. This, in a way, reinforces your vibration.


There are many different systems and methods of numerology. The one that follows here is one that is accurate and rather popular, and also very simple to use. You are not compelled to use this method though, and if you know of another method that you feel more comfortable using, by all means, you should use it.

First, you have to find your birth number. This is done by simply adding all the digit of the date on which you were born together, and if a two digit number is produced, the digits of that number are added until you have one number — your Birth Number. For example, if your full date of birth is 30 March 1973 (30-03-1973), Your birth number is calculated as follows:


2 +6 = 8

Thus the birth number of a person born on 30 March 1973 is 8.

Next, to find the Name Number of the Witch name you have selected, you follow the following key to equate the letters of the name to numbers and add them all together:




































For example, if your Witch Name is ’Edith’, you will work out the Name Number as follows:


5+4+9+2+8 = 28



Play with the spelling of the name and the arrangement of the letters until you achieve a name that is equal in Nmae Number to your Birth Number. Add or remove numbers as necessary and appreciate that it may take time before you settle on a suitable name with which you are happy.