Becoming a Channel - Channeling

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Becoming a Channel

In order to harness your channeling abilities and begin channeling, it is required to first remove all obstacles in the mind. Your mind is filled with accumulated obstacles, things like inhibitions, indecision, uncertainty, criticism and false values and all sorts of things that have developed and settled over your lifetime. These things impede the flow of energy and information in your mind, tying up our psychic ability.

Focus of the Conscious Mind

Mind Control — in order to begin clearing the way in your mind so as to communicate with your higher consciousness, it is necessary to learn the art of focusing and controlling your mind. If you have several thoughts running through your mind at once, that is a sign that you need to start focussing. Scattered thoughts result in scattered energy, which means that when you think you are concentrating on something, you are actually only giving it a fraction of your energy. Controlling mental energy allows you to use your undivided attention on something, giving you power. This power can be likened to a force of creation, which you use to bring your magick to life.

Elimination of Emotions

Emotions like fear, worry, anger, and envy are poisonous to your spiritual system as arsenic would be poisonous to your body. It is necessary to achieve complete elimination of these toxic emotions in order to obtain true spiritual quality. In total faith, there is no room for toxic emotion. Unrestricted love gives no room for envy, hate anger or greed.

Continuous Self-Examination

When seeking the truth, it is required to undergo constant self-examination. It is crucial to determine what your beliefs and ideals are and to achieve concise morals for yourself. Establish your goals, define them clearly and identify specific objects to work towards. Thereafter, it is required that you prioritize your objectives and pursue them in the order you have thoughtfully placed them in. Ensure that your work adheres to the creed, ’An’ it harm none’.

Overcoming Materialism

For several, the most difficult obstacle may be materialism. People and things tend to rule over you, pretending as though they are slaves. These things demand money and time, tying you down and complicating your life. Material possessions can bring toxicities like greed, envy or hate. This is not suggesting that you should do away with material possessions entirely. Instead, the idea is to possess all things, and to share all things, so that there is a power of all things.

Learn Genuine Love

Learning how to genuinely love is important and there are many misconceptions surrounding this concept. Love itself is sometimes mistaken as selfish, or lustful. A higher love does exist, one that is unselfish and is about the release, instead of the attachment. Love is about understanding and forgiving. It is important to recognize that every person has their own path to follow and lessons to learn and that they need to be allowed to walk their journey at their own pace.

Master the Art of Meditation

Meditation is best understood as a silence through which you are able to listen to your higher self. Meditation helps with concentration and with focussing attention on the higher level of consciousness that exists in each one of us. A daily session of meditation can clear the mind of clutter and maintain a clear channel of communication.