An Introduction to Meditation - The Basics of Meditation

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An Introduction to Meditation
The Basics of Meditation


Meditation can best be described as ’listening’. It is the art of listening to the Higher Self or the Inner Self. Some describe it as listening to the Gods, or the Creative Force. It could be simply said that it is listening to the Higher Consciousness, even. All of these things may be meditation. When used properly, meditation leads to personal advancement. Meditation is the most simple of all the techniques of spiritual advancement, and it may be practiced in a group or even alone.

Meditation is a practice that quietens the conscious mind, the mind which is concerned with everyday activities and life as you know it, and allows you to channel your higher conscious, also referred to as subconscious, the part of your mind that is responsible for involuntary bodily functions, reflex actions and what you may call ’Universal Memory’.