The Initial Purification Ritual - Rituals, a Blueprint

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The Initial Purification Ritual
Rituals, a Blueprint

This ritual is to be performed on the night of the New Moon.

1. Fill a flat dish like a saucer with water.

2. Kneel down and place the water in front of you.

3. Place the forefinger of your right hand — or left hand, if you happen to be left-handed — into the water.

4. Visualize a bright beam of light streaming from above and into the crown of your head. Imagine the beam surging through your whole body and direct it through the arm you are using to make contact with the water. Visualize the light spilling into the water through your finger.

5. Direct all the power you can into the water, closing your eyes if it helps to focus. Now chant the following (from )

Here do I direct my power,

Through the agencies of the God and the Goddess,

Into this water, that it might be pure and clean

As is my love for the Lord and Lady.

6. Take a teaspoon of sea salt; pour it into the water and stir clockwise nine times with your finger. Chant the following three times:

Salt is Life. Here is Life.

Sacred and new; without strife.

7. Now dip your fingers into the water and sprinkle every corner of the temple room with the purified water. If there are alcoves or cupboards, sprinkle water in each of those corners as well. While sprinkling, chant the following (or chant you own incantation, along these lines):

Ever as I pass through the ways

Do I feel the presence of the Gods.

I know that in aught I do

They are with me.

They abide in me.

And I in them,


No evil shall be entertained,

For purity is the dweller

Within me and about me.

For good do I strive

And for good do I live.

Love unto all things.

So be it, Forever.

Another incantation you may use, instead of the one above:

Soft is the rain, it gently falls

Upon the fields beneath.

It lulls the heart, it stills the wind,

Gives Solitude I Seek.

It patters down, so gentle yet

It ne’er does bend a leaf,

And yet the water that is there

Will wash away all grief.

For smoothness follows in the wake,

And quiet and peace and love

Are all around in freshness new,

Come down from clouds above.

All evil go, flow out from here

And leave all fresh and plain.

Let negativity not come

Into this room again.

For love I now find all around,

So soft, so still so sure;

I can perform my rituals

As peace and quiet endure.

8. It is now time to light incense. Swing the burner in every corner, as was done with the sprinkling of the water. Repeat the following incantation three times again:

Salt is Life. Here is Life.

Sacred and new; without strife