Celebrations — An Introduction to Sabbats - Rites & Ceremonies

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Celebrations — An Introduction to Sabbats
Rites & Ceremonies

During the course of a year, there are eight periods known as ’Sabbats’. A Sabbat is a time for celebration, a time to rejoice and have a good time with the gods and other coven members. Magick is not worked during a Sabbat, not unless in dire emergencies such as if desperate healing is required or something to that effect. Plenty merriment and feasting surround the Sabbat. The Sabbat celebration can be enjoyed as an individual, solitary Witch, as a coven or even as a large group of several different covens.

Sabbats begin the same manner all Circle rituals begin, and that is by performing the Erecting of the Temple rite. If the Sabbat is occurring during a full moon, you may even perform the New Moon ritual. The specific Sabbat ritual is then performed and then the Cakes and Ale ritual, and then feasting, games, entertainment etc. before the Clearing of the Temple.