Birth Rite —Wicanning - The Principles of the Craft on Birth, Death & Marriage

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Birth Rite —Wicanning
The Principles of the Craft on Birth, Death & Marriage

Witches do not believe in forcing the Craft on anybody, not even their own children. Children are taught the ways of the Craft and may even be initiated when they are old enough to make the choice, and they may then either continue practicing the Craft or give it up. If they resume the Craft later, there is no second initiation necessary.

A ritual is normally performed for a child for the parents to ask the gods to watch over them, protect them and guide them. The ritual may be performed at any time, at any ritual or even on its own. As with any ritual, first is the erecting of the Temple, then the ritual, then the Cakes and Ale and the Clearing of the Temple.

The Birth Rite Step by Step

The Priest and Priestess kiss.

A coven member states: “There is an addition to our number. Let us give her/him due welcome.”

The parents of the newcomer position themselves across the Priest and Priestess, on the other side of the Altar, holding the baby to be initiated.

The Priest asks, “What is the name of the child?”

The parents of the child then supply a name by which the child shall be known within the Circle until which time the child may decide to adopt a new name, when older, if preferred.

The Priest then states, “We welcome you, [Name].”

The Priestess states, “Welcome, and much love to you.”

The Priest and the Priestess then proceed to lead the child’s parents clockwise around the Circle three times. The Parents then hold the child above the Altar, as though ’offering’ the child.

The parents then state, “We here offer the fruit of our love to the gods. May they watch over her/him as s/he grows.”

The Priestess then dips the tips of her fingers in the salted water, then wipes them gently across the child’s face. The mother then passes the baby through the incense smoke to cense the baby.

The Priestess then states, “May the Lord and the Lady ever smile upon you.”

The Priest states, “May they guard you and guide you through this life.”

The Priestess states, “May they help you choose that which is right and shun that which is wrong.”

The Priest states, “May they see that no harm befalls you, or others through you.”

The Priestess then says to the parents of the child, “We charge you both, in the names of the God and of the Goddess, to lead this child, with love, through the highways and byways of life. Teach him/her the ways of the Craft that s/he may learn to honor and respect all life and to harm none.”

The Priest then states: “Teach him/her of the Lord and the Lady; of this life, of all that went before and what may come after. Tell the tales of the gods and teach the history of our Craft. Teach her/him to strive for that perfection which all desire and, when the time is right, hope —but do not press — that s/he joins with us and becomes truly one of our beloved family.”

The parents then state, “All this we will do. So do we pledge.”

The Priest and Priestess then state together: “We bid welcome to [Name].”

All coven members then state, “Welcome!”

*Now follows the ceremony of Cakes and Ale