Death Rite — Crossing the Bridge - The Principles of the Craft on Birth, Death & Marriage

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Death Rite — Crossing the Bridge
The Principles of the Craft on Birth, Death & Marriage

This may be done as a rite in and of itself, in which case it is preceded by the Erecting of the Temple and followed by Cakes and Ale then Clearing of the Temple. If performed during other rituals, it should be performed before Cakes and Ale rite.

The Priest and Priestess kiss.

Using the horn, a long note is sounded once, by a coven member.

A coven member states, “The horn is sounded for [Name of deceased Witch]”

All coven members respond with, “So be it.”

The priestess then says, “That today [Name] is not with us, here in the Circle, saddens us all. Yet let us try not to feel sad. For is this not a sign that s/he has fulfilled this life’s work? Now is s/he free to move on. We shall meet again, never fear. And that will be a time for further celebration.”

The Priest then adds, “Let us send forth our good wishes to bear him/her across the Bridge. May s/he return at any time s/he may wish, to be with us here.”

All members of the coven take hold of their athames, pointing them at a position behind the Altar, while facing the Priest and the Priestess. All members imagine, in their mind’s eye, the image of the Witch who is deceased, as though she is standing on the very spot. The members concentrate on channeling joy, happiness and love from their innermost being, through the line of their athame and out of the point into the imagined body.

This proceeds for a few moments. The end is signalled by the Priestess when she replaces her athame and states: “We wish you all the Love and Happiness we may. We will never forget you. Do not you forget us. Whenever we meet here, you are always welcome.”

All coven members then finish by saying, “So mote it be.”

Now all coven members sit. Should there be any members who wish to say a few words in respect of the deceased, may they do so. If there is nobody willing to do so, the Priest or Priestess should speak kind reminiscent words of the deceased Witch, specifically placing focus on happy times.

The rite is followed by Cakes and Ale ceremony