Principles of Magick: Timing and Feeling - Magick

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Principles of Magick: Timing and Feeling


Timing & Magick

As you may or may not already know, the phase of the Moon is critical in working magic properly. The two main phases of the moon are the Waxing Moon and the Waning Moon. The Waxing Moon describes the period between the New Moon, going through the First Quarter and till the Full Moon. The Waning Moon describes the phase from the Full moon through the last quarter and till the New Moon. Basically, this means that moon increasing in size when it is waxing, and decreases in size when it is waning.

Feeling & Magick

As was mentioned in the introduction to spells and charms, a deep set emotional desire for something to happen is crucial for magick to be effective. Placing every minute particle of your existence into desiring the magick to work is the fuel that drives your magick. Rhyme and chant are tools for amplifying the power of your desire. The rhythmic chanting serves to intensify your feelings and helps you concentrate on your desire better. Dance s another amplifier, which can help raise the power behind your magick. Sex is long considered a natural powerhouse for magick, and more will be discussed on sex magick later in this chapter.