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About Love Magick

This magick is intended for permanent soul mate seeking, and is not intended for finding somebody to have an affair with.

When it comes to magick, perhaps one of the categories of magick that generates the most interest is love magick. There is much interest in love potions and in love philtres, though most of the interest is rooted in fiction. However, there are some love magick spells that do actually work, like the magick involving ’poppets’. Poppets are used to represent the lovers that are in question, and the idea is that whatever is done to the poppets is done unto the lovers.

The poppet is a specially prepared doll made from cloth, even if it is a rough cut figure. While cutting out the cloth and preparing the poppet, it is important to be mindful of the person the doll that is being prepared is intended to represent. The doll may be made as elaborately as desired — embroidery, beadwork and facial features etc. are all acceptable. Make the poppet from two pieces of cloth and leave the top open so it may be stuffed with herbs. The poppets are to be stuffed with vervain, verbena, feverfew, yarrow, artemesia, valerian, rosebuds, motherwart, damiana or elder, as they are all herbs governed by Venus. Once stuffed, the top may be sewn to seal.

Prepare two poppets in this manner, one male and one female. The preparation is all performed within the sacred Circe, and it may be performed by a solitary witch or all coven members.

Since it is an ideal mate that is being sought, the second figure is to be made with all the qualities desired in them. The poppet is nameless but can display all physical desires and attributes. Once prepared, the poppets lay on the altar, with one at the left-hand side of the sword and the other on the right-hand side. The poppets are to be positioned in front of the sword. On the altar, there is to lay a red ribbon, 21 inches long.

The petitioner then states, “O mighty God and Goddess,

Hear now my plea to you.

My plea for true love for [name] and for his/her desire.”

The Petitioner then picks up the appropriate poppet and sprinkles the poppet with salted water and censes it well. While doing this, the petitioner says, “I name this Poppet [petitioner’s name]. It is him/her in every way. As she lives, so lives this poppet. Aught that I do to it, I do to her.”

The petitioner then replaces the poppet, to pick up the other one. As with the previous, it is sprinkled and censed and the petitioner says, “This poppet is her desired mate in every way. As he lives, so lives this poppet. Aught that I do to it, I do too to him.”

The petitioner replaces the poppet and moves to kneel before the altar with one hand on each poppet. The petitioner closes their eyes and imagines the two represented people coming together slowly, meeting, embracing and kissing. This is a step not to be rushed. The poppets are to be moved slowly along the length of the sword and towards each other until they meet. At the point that the poppets meet, the petitioner may open his/her eyes and while holding the poppets face to face still, say:

“Thus may they be drawn

One to the other,

Strongly and truly.

To be together always

As One.

No more shall they be separated;

No more alone,

But ever fast together

As One.”

The poppets should be laid together on the altar, in the centre, with the sword across them, on top of them. The petitioner or the whole coven may now dance around them and work magick for ten minutes, directing the energy of their song and dance to bring the two represented people together. Alternatively, all may sit and meditate on the thought of the two represented coming together.

This ritual is best performed on three consecutive Fridays during the waxing moon, or perhaps even on a Friday, Wednesday then Friday. The full ritual is intended to be performed as nearly to the Full Moon as is possible.

On the final Friday, the Petitioner says, “Now may the Lord and the Lady bind these two together, as I do bind them here.”

The poppets are taken up and bound with red ribbon numerous times around both the poppets, tying the ends together around them. The petitioner then says, “Now are they forever one, even as the Gods themselves. May each truly become a part of the other that, separated, they would be incomplete. So Mote It Be!”

The bound poppets are once again placed beneath the sword and left for some time while the petitioner performs meditation. Once the ritual is completed, the poppets are to be wrapped in a clean white cloth and then stored carefully, never to be unbound.