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About Sex Magick

Sex magick is a highly potent form of magick as it is dealing with the life forces. The orgasm is considered the most critical psycho-physiological event in humans. Sex magick is about harnessing the power of the orgasm and using that and the entire sexual experience for magickal purposes. Success in sex magick is determined by four criteria:

i. All facets of extrasensory perception to be heightened in the course of sexual excitation.

ii. The mind is to be in a state of hypersensitivity before, during as well as after the climax.

iii. The consistency of peak sexual sensations aids access to the realm of the unconscious.

iv. During the climax, an experience of timelessness or total ego dissolution may be experienced, as well as sensations of being ’absorbed’ by the sexual partner

The act of sexual intercourse is the most natural method to generate the power required to perform effective magick. The entire process of copulation follows the process of beginning slowly and a gradual building up, increasing in rhythm, until the final climatic explosion. This act may be performed within the Circle either by a couple or by the entire coven, or even by a solitary witch.

Begin as usual with a period of meditation in order to focus on what you desire to achieve. Take up positions in couples and kneel facing one another. All close their eyes and gently caress their partner’s bodies with light hands, stroking them gently. The object is to achieve sexual arousal and thus this may be performed for as long as necessary and is not to be rushed through. When arousal has reached its peak, the man is to sit cross-legged, the woman facing him and sitting on top of him, with the man’s penis inside the woman’s vagina. The couple is to rock gently, with the man maintaining his erection yet not reaching climax.

The focus is now to be concentrated on the object of the magick, the purpose for which it is being performed. This shift in focus may also help in delaying climax. This is the time in which both man and woman fix in their minds a picture of the desire and concentrate their energies on it. Feel the power build within you as you focus it on your desire, and hold off the climax to the very last second possible. When the man knows he cannot resist the urge to orgasm, he can throw himself backwards to lie flat on the floor and release the power that built within him as he climaxes. He should see the power flashing as white light in a line. It is best if the woman can orgasm at the same time, even stimulating her clitoris simultaneously to achieve this. On climax, she too will fall forwards to lie over her sexual partner. The couple remains united this way for several minutes.

Of course, for the solitary witch, the act is performed through masturbation, and the longer the orgasm can be held off, the more power is generated for performing the magick. For couples, mutual masturbation or oral sex are two alternatives, both generating intense power.