Inherent Power - The Craft & Its Philosophy

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Inherent Power
The Craft & Its Philosophy

Wicca is a religion based on love, joy and empathy with nature. Witchcraft is also based on nature and on drawing energy from nature to orchestrate change. Witches are aware of the power in plants and of how our energy and emotions affect them. Witches use herbs and natural energy to activate the healing of the body, mind and the soul. Humans have lost their connection with nature, which was once an important tool of survival in primitive times. Today, even the shoes on our feet inhibit our ability to draw natural energy from the earth and to benefit from it.

Inherent Power

You may know people who have a psychic power of sorts, where they know certain things or sense them before they happen. You may even be a person like that Witchcraft harnesses the power inside of you to use it in different ways. Everybody has this power within themselves, and if it does not naturally come out as it does with ’psychics’, you can draw out the power from within using the specific ways of Witchcraft. Some people can use their power dramatically, to bend objects without physical contact, for example. Others use their inherent power to see visions. Witchcraft is about awakening this inherent power and learning to control it, much like a baby learns to use its limbs.

In 1932, there was an interesting scientific report published in a science magazine titled Everyday Science and Mechanics The report investigated the effect of human tissues on living yeast. It was found that blood, nose and eyes and fingertips emit radiation that killed yeast within a few minutes, without contact. This demonstrates the inherent power within people that Witches have always known of, collected, increased and utilized.