Elements and Personalities - Elemental Philosophy

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Elements and Personalities
Elemental Philosophy

There’s much to learn from the connection with astrology when it comes to how the Elements affect us as people.

While every person is a unique individual, and no two personalities will ever be exactly alike, some broad generalizations can be made about the dominant characteristics of people based on the Element associated with their Sun sign—their dominant Element. Note, a Sun sign is also referred to as a Star sign or Zodiac sign.

These characteristics include both positive and negative traits, and each Element comes with its own strengths and challenges. Knowing our dominant Element can help us see ourselves, our individual approaches to life, and our way of interacting with others from a more objective viewpoint. This can help us learn to balance the traits that are not useful in our lives.

If you don’t know your Sun sign and thus don’t know your Element, it’s a good idea to find it by looking up your birthday on the wheel of the Zodiac, or in the table at the end of this book. As you read these introductions to the Elements, their fundamental qualities, and their implications for the human psyche, make note of what you recognize in yourself, as well as what you don’t identify with.

You will likely resonate with your dominant Element, but most people find that qualities of other Elements describe them accurately as well. This is because our Sun signs are only one aspect of our makeup according to astrology. Knowing your Moon and Rising signs can offer additional insight into your personality from an Elemental point of view. For example, you might have all three signs in Fire, or have every Element but Earth represented.

Many people find that the Element(s) they’re missing in terms of these three aspects of their birth chart corresponds to qualities they struggle to balance. If you seem not to be described at all by a particular Elemental description below, you may be missing that Element in your chart!