Elements and the Occult - Elemental Philosophy

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Elements and the Occult
Elemental Philosophy

While the Elements are found throughout the natural world, it is not only natural features, such as ponds or trees, that represent them in Wiccan and other pagan belief systems.

Ancient cosmologies often held particular gods and goddesses to be associated with one or more of the Elements (such as Vulcan, the Roman god of Fire, from whose name we get “volcano”), and Wicca has continued that tradition.

Other, “lesser” beings are also believed to inhabit the Elements, and these are seen in folklore from across the globe. Some of these entities are less suitable for a Witch’s purposes than others—goblins, for example, are generally thought to be mischievous and ill-willed, while other Earth spirits, such as the Greek dryads, are of a more positive persuasion.

Finally, each Element has many associated animals that embody the spirit energy of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Wiccans and other Witches may work with deities, Elemental beings, and/or animals as representations of the Elements in their individual spiritual practices.