The Elements in Wiccan Ritual - Elemental Magic

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The Elements in Wiccan Ritual
Elemental Magic

Ritual traditions vary widely, but most followers of the Craft involve the Elements on some level in their practice.

Usually, the Elements are invoked at the start of a ritual—whether it’s one of the holidays on the Wheel of the Year, an Esbat (Full Moon celebration), or another occasion, such as an initiation into a coven or any other solitary event of a Witch’s choosing.

The Elements are directly invited to participate in the ritual and are appreciated/thanked for their contributions. They may also be asked to assist in some kind of transformational working—a spell, a prayer, a sending of healing energies to a particular person or place. Involving the Elements is a way of connecting with the divine energy as it is expressed in these four distinct forms, allowing us to draw it forth from the incomprehensible source of All That Is into discernible channels.