Setting up Your Altar - Elemental Magic

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Setting up Your Altar
Elemental Magic

As with everything else in Witchcraft, the way you set up your altar or sacred space is entirely up to you.

You should go with what feels right and what is visually pleasing for you—if it resonates with you, go with it. You might use a different set-up every time, or you might keep it the same for consistency. (“Ritual” does, after all, tend to involve following an established pattern.)

In terms of focusing on and working with the Elements, it’s advisable to place your representations of each Element in its corresponding direction. This means your Earth symbol is in the North, or toward the top of the altar, your Air symbol is in the East (to the right), your Fire symbol is in the South (toward the bottom), and your Water symbol is in the West (to the left).

You may want something in the center to symbolize Spirit and its role in pulling together the other four Elements. This could be a candle, a quartz crystal, or some other object that is sacred to you.