Casting the Circle - Elemental Magic

Wicca Natural Magic Kit: The Sun, The Moon, and The Elements, Elemental Magic, Moon Magic, and Wheel of the Year Magic - Lisa Chamberlain 2018

Casting the Circle
Elemental Magic

It is traditional in Wicca, as well as for other practitioners of the Craft, to cast a magic circle at the start of any ritual.

The circle serves as both a “container” inside which all of the magical energy you are raising will be concentrated, and a “protective boundary” that keeps out any unwanted energy—whether negative or just distracting.

Some Witches cast a circle every time they perform any ritual and/or magical act—even for consecrating tools. Others may save circle-casting for larger, more elaborate rituals such as those used in celebrating Sabbats and Esbats. Still others consider the circle completely optional, and may not cast one at all. This is an individual choice, but casting is recommended for beginners, as it can help you feel the energy you’re raising in a more focused way.

There are many ways to cast a circle. You can physically mark the circle with candles, stones, herbs, and/or sea salt beforehand, or allow the circle to remain invisible. Standing inside the circle, point your wand, athame, or index finger to the ground at the circle’s northernmost point. Walk clockwise around the circle, continuing to point, and visualize your personal power charging the ground at the circle’s edge. You can do this just once, but it can be more effective to walk the circle three times, visualizing the power growing stronger with each rotation. Note: Make sure you have everything you’ll need before you take this step, as it’s not wise to break the energy of the circle once it’s been cast!