Magical Perception - Elemental Magic

Wicca Natural Magic Kit: The Sun, The Moon, and The Elements, Elemental Magic, Moon Magic, and Wheel of the Year Magic - Lisa Chamberlain 2018

Magical Perception
Elemental Magic

Before we look at specific spells and other magical work, it’s important to emphasize that simply following these steps as if following a recipe is unlikely to have any transformational effect.

The focused power of the mind is really where the magic comes from. This can be a challenge for many in this busy, noisy modern world, but developing some kind of meditation practice can strengthen your connection to the divine, and consequently, your magic.

There are many helpful resources out there in this department, including meditations, visualizations, and other mental/spiritual exercises specifically for the practice of Witchcraft. Below are four ways of strengthening your psychic “muscles” for magical work as you deepen your connection with the Elements.