Air: Breathwork and Visualization - Elemental Magic

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Air: Breathwork and Visualization
Elemental Magic

A very effective way to ground and center before working magic is through conscious breathing.

Through the breath we can open ourselves more deeply to the Element of Spirit and clear a path for sending our focused intentions out into the Universe. Basic 3-part yogic breathing is an ancient practice that quiets the mind and gets you closer to the state of mind that magical transformation requires.

Lying on your back, focus on breathing in slowly, allowing the air to fill your lower abdomen, then upper abdomen, then all the way to the top of your lungs. When it’s time to breathe out, do so in the reverse order, pushing the air from the top of your body out first, and ending with the lower abdomen. (Note: It’s best to breathe in and out through your nose, but if you have a cold, don’t let that stop you!)

Do this five times, focusing entirely on your breath. Then, allow yourself to breathe normally, as you visualize the result of your intentions manifesting. For example, if you’re dealing with money issues, call up the feeling of being completely secure in your finances, with all the bills paid and plenty to spare. Spend some time strengthening this feeling, and hold it as consistently as you can while you perform the magical work.