Earth Spells - Elemental Magic

Wicca Natural Magic Kit: The Sun, The Moon, and The Elements, Elemental Magic, Moon Magic, and Wheel of the Year Magic - Lisa Chamberlain 2018

Earth Spells
Elemental Magic

Abundance Coins

This is a good charm for attracting extra money from unexpected places.

2 coins—matching denominations of your choosing (older coins are nice if you have them, but it doesn’t matter.)

1 small piece of cloth—a scrap of fabric is fine.

1 green ribbon

1 tablespoon total dried rosemary, thyme, and/or cinnamon

Patchouli oil

Lay the herbs on the center of the cloth. Anoint the coins with a drop of the patchouli oil, speaking your intentions aloud as you do so—remember, your words are not particularly important, but rather the intent behind them.

Push the coins gently into the herbs, wrap the cloth over the coins, and tie with the ribbon. Place the coin bundle somewhere in your home where you will see it often, and carry it with you in your pocket or purse when you go out.

Harmony in the Home

To help with interpersonal conflicts or simply unsettled energy where you live, try this spell, which is particularly helpful in the weeks before Winter sets in.

Basil and honeysuckle, roughly one tablespoon of each—fresh herbs are preferable, but dried also works well.

1 dried leaf—if you must pick a leaf from a tree, choose from a well-flourishing tree, pick gently, thanking the tree, and leave the leaf to dry before using.

Mortar and pestle—if you don’t have these, a bowl and your fingertips will work fine.

Cedar or sandalwood incense (optional)

Light the incense, if using. Slowly pour the basil into the mortar or bowl, saying, “with this basil, I keep all negative energy away from my home.” Add the honeysuckle, saying, “with this honeysuckle, I bring all positive energy into my home.” Stir the two herbs together with the pestle or mix with your fingertips. Take the leaf and crumble it gently over the herbs, saying, “there is harmony in every corner of this home” three times. Mix the leaf into the herbs while concentrating on feeling peaceful, at ease, and secure in your dwelling.

Sprinkle the mixture around the outside of your home, walking around it in a clockwise circle. If this is not possible, sprinkle it discreetly around as much of the outside area as you can. You can also use potted plants for this step, if necessary.