Air Spells - Elemental Magic

Wicca Natural Magic Kit: The Sun, The Moon, and The Elements, Elemental Magic, Moon Magic, and Wheel of the Year Magic - Lisa Chamberlain 2018

Air Spells
Elemental Magic

Four Winds Incantations

The specific direction of the wind can make for an excellent magical tool, depending on your purposes. Try this on a particularly windy day for a stronger connection with the magical energy you’re communing with. Be sure to choose an intention aligned with the wind’s direction.

North winds: financial, home, practical matters

East winds: change, new beginnings, fresh perspective, creativity

South winds: love, lust, passion, vitality, initiative, courage to follow through

West winds: healing, cleansing, intuition, emotional concerns

Stand outdoors, facing the wind, with your feet a few inches apart, back straight, head held high, and arms a few inches from your sides with palms outward. (This is a slight modification the yogic “Mountain pose,” appropriate here for its aid in aligning your vertical energy from the ground through the crown of your head. Mountains are also associated with the Element of Air.)

Take three deep breaths, place your palms together, and raise your arms to the sky. Verbalize your intention in connection with the wind. You might say, for example, “In this East wind, I manifest a new way forward in my career, for the good of all, and with harm to none.” Allow your intention to be carried on the wind. Then, keeping your palms together, slowly bring your hands down in front of your solar plexus. Take another deep breath, and close the ritual in your own way.

Spell for Clarity and Concentration

This is good for tests, projects at work, or anything that requires focus and feels challenging.

1 dried dandelion flower (or leaf, if out of season)

Peppermint oil

1 piece of paper

Write the task you’re seeking help with on a piece of paper. Rub a drop of the peppermint oil into the paper as you say these words: “With a sharp, clear, focused mind, I complete this well, in the desired time.” Scatter the dandelion flowers/leaves over the paper, and leave it on your altar until the task is finished.