Water Spells - Elemental Magic

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Water Spells
Elemental Magic

Magical Water for Stress Relief

Crystal elixirs* have long been used in magical and healing traditions for a variety of purposes.

Try the simple transformative power of an amethyst elixir to clear away any energetic patterns resulting from built-up stress, resentment, or other negative states of mind. Amethyst calms nerves and strong emotions, relieves tension, and helps rebalance oversensitivity. First, cleanse and charge the amethyst with your specific intention. You can say, “I clear away all stress/fear/anger regarding _________.”

Place it in a glass, pour in at least one cup of purified water, and cover. Leave the glass in moonlight or sunlight for at least 4 hours, or longer in cloudy conditions. When it’s time to use your elixir, uncover it, state your intention again, and take seven sips. State the intention one more time, and drink most of the remaining water, leaving a little at the bottom of the glass. Dip your index finger into the glass, close your eyes, and trace a circle with the water on your forehead. Take a deep breath. Then, thank the water and the stone for their assistance.

*Before using any other crystal in an elixir, be sure to research it! Many crystals and stones are toxic to the body and should not be placed in drinking water.

Problem-Solving Sleep Spell

Tricky problems and difficult decisions are often a cause of poor sleep. This spell helps hand those worries over to the Universe while we get to the important business of quality rest! Very often, the needed solution or answer will arise the day after this spell is performed, though, depending on the circumstances, it may evolve more slowly.

Sleep-aiding tea, such as a blend of chamomile, spearmint, and lemongrass—make your own or use a nice commercial blend.

1 bowl—glass or ceramic, but not plastic

1 cup of water

Dried lavender or lavender essential oil

Moonstone or citrine

1 white tea light

Make and steep the tea as you do the following:

Hold the moonstone or citrine and focus on your question. (Don’t focus on what you think may be the possible answers, or dwell on the apparent lack of solutions—simply focus on the question or problem itself.) Place it in the bowl, and pour in the water. Light the tea light. Thank the Universe for all you will learn from the experience of the particular question/problem, as well as for its answer or solution. Sprinkle the lavender oil or herb into the water. Drink the tea while meditating on something positive and unrelated to the problem or question. If the problem/question arises in your mind, keep letting it go, without judgement.

These are just a few suggestions for consciously working with the Elements in your magic. As you develop your Craft, it’s best to create your own spells and charms according to your intuition and connection with the Spirit of the Universe. Continue to read widely and always disregard information or suggestions that don’t feel right to you. Most importantly, continue to cultivate your energetic relationship with the living world around us.