Elemental Relationships - Elemental Philosophy

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Elemental Relationships
Elemental Philosophy

If we take a look at the role the Elements play in ensuring and sustaining life, it’s not hard to see why they have been considered the fundamental building blocks of reality.

The human body can be seen as an illustration of this concept, as it makes use of Earth for fuel, Water for substance and sustenance (both in its pure Elemental form and in the form of the blood running through our veins), Fire for the digestive and reproductive processes, and Air for the breath that keeps everything moving. Each Element contributes to our survival, yet each can and does exist entirely independent of us, and of all living beings.

What’s just as important as their existence as individual forces, however, is the way they combine and interact to produce the complexity of the world as we know it.

There are several manifestations of the co-creative and interdependent relationships between the Elements. Fire needs Earth and Air to exist, even as it can consume both. And yet, Air can extinguish Fire, depending on the amount and force of each. Water is both absorbed by Earth and able to shape and cover it. Water and Air share the ingredient of oxygen, and each can contain the other. The interrelated qualities of the Elements have powerful potential in spirituality and magic, as in all other areas of life.