About The Contributors

Traditional Wicca: A Seeker's Guide - Thorn Mooney 2018

About The Contributors

Ari Mankey is a third degree Gardnerian high priestess and a devotee of Aphrodite, and she has practiced the Craft for over twenty years. Away from the circle she works as a mad scientist in Palo Alto, California. She likes her coffee with cream and her beer as black as her soul.

Acacia identifies as an animist and polytheist, and she is currently approaching her second year as a student in a traditional outer court. She is a jeweler and lapidary who runs her own business. You can see her art at www.lapidify.net.

Corvus is a Wiccan initiate from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. She’s run open circles and led community workshops for more than a decade. When she’s not in circle, she’s cosplaying characters from her favorite fandoms, crocheting something awesome, or talking to one of her two cats, Izzy and Topaz. Oh yeah, or her husband.

Deb Snavely is a traditional elder who founded Gardnerian covens in both Oregon and Washington. A presenter at a few early PantheaCons, she was editor of Pagan Muse & World Report from 1993 to 1997. Now she contributes articles on traditional Wicca and Witchcraft to international online magazines The Wiccan and Wiccan Rede Online. She has also served as volunteer director of the now-defunct Bay Area Pagan Assemblies (BAPA). Deb currently volunteers as an officer of the New Wiccan Church, International, which you can visit at www.newwiccanchurch.org.

Jason Mankey is a Pagan blogger, a columnist for Witches & Pagans, and the managing editor of the Pagan Portal on Patheos. He talks about rock and roll, Pagan deities, and various aspects of Pagan history at festivals across North America. Find him online at www.patheos.com/blogs/panmankey.

Lukaos is a third degree high priest who enjoys collecting and telling stories about the past. He has a lovingly neglected website at www


Liam has been practicing for around eighteen years or so. He’s a third degree high priest. Married to his high priestess, he and his wife have two daughters. Liam graduated from Sullivan University and is an Army veteran. He practices biodynamic gardening, is a runner, and loves primitive archery.

Phoenix LeFae is equal parts blue-eyed wanderer and passionate devotee of the Goddess. She attended her first Reclaiming ritual in 1995, and she’s been hooked ever since. An initiate in Reclaiming, the Avalon Druid Order, and Gardnerian Wicca, Phoenix has had the pleasure of teaching and leading ritual globally. Find out more at her shop Milk & Honey (www.Milk-and-Honey.com).

Rayn is a Gardnerian high priestess running a coven in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She can be contacted through Witchvox for those seekers called to the Olde Ways. May the gods guide you on your path.

Thorn Nightwind is a priest and Witch in the Horsa tradition and Sacred Pentagraph tradition. He loves midnight bonfires with friends, working with herbs and plants, and nature walks in the woods. He enjoys the study of Witchcraft and esoteric lore in all its many forms.

Wren is a first degree Wiccan, academic, artist, wife, and mother.