Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner - Scott Cunningham 1993


THIS BOOK CONSISTS of further instructions for the solitary Wiccan practitioner. It assumes that the reader has gained some experience in our religion, and, thus, doesn’t stop to define every specialized term and ritual reference. For a quick review, check the glossary.

Part I of this book contains essays on a variety of topics of importance or interest to solitary Wiccans. Part II is a collection of daily prayers and rituals of offering and thanks, together with guides to effective prayer and magic. Part III is a recommended system for creating your own Wiccan tradition.

This book has been written with a single premise: that Wicca is an open religion. All can come before the altar and worship the Goddess and God, whether alone or in the company of others; initiated or not. Wicca is available to all interested people.

Living Wiccahas been written for those who have become enchanted by the moon shining through the trees; who have begun to investigate the sublime world that lies out beyond the fabric of daily life; and who stand in smoke-shrouded circles, raising aloft their hands to greet the Goddess and God as the candles flicker on the altar. It’s written for those of us who, through choice or circumstance, meet with the Silver Lady and the Horned God alone.

Readers ofWicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitionerasked me to write another, similar work, because so little Wiccan writing is aimed at the solitary practitioner. I hope that this book fills at least part of this need.

Until next time, I’ll say, “Blessed Be.”

Scott Cunningham

La Mesa, CA

July 10, 1992