Daily Prayers and Chants - Practice

Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner - Scott Cunningham 1993

Daily Prayers and Chants

OUR RELIGION REVERES the Goddess and God. As such, it’s vital that we establish and maintain our relationships with them. Everyday life presents many opportunities to strengthen this bond. Short prayers when we rise in the morning, before meals, before sleep, and at other times of the day are highly appropriate. Daily prayer, both formal and spontaneous, is another method of truly making Wicca a part of your everyday life. The exact words don’t matter much, for it’s your involvement in the prayer that’s most important.

This chapter includes a variety of both simple and formal prayers for many occasions. Feel free to use them as is or as a guide for creating your own. Though I’ve generically addressed these to the Goddess and God, you can use the names by which you’ve grown to know them.

Everyday Prayers and Chants

A Prayer Before Meals

Before eating, say these or similar words (if necessary, whisper or merely think these words):

From forest and stream;

From mountain and field;

From the fertile earth’s

Nourishing yield;

I now partake of

Divine energy;

May it lend health,

Strength, and love to me.

Blessed Be.

Another Prayer Before Meals

Goddess of the verdant plain;

God of sun-ripe grain;

Goddess of the cooling rain;

God of fruit and cane;

Bless this meal I’ve prepared;

Nourish me with love;

Bless this meal I now share

With you both above.

A Third Prayer Before Meals

O Goddess within,

O God within,

I now partake of the

Fertility of the earth.

Bless this food with your love.

A Morning Prayer

Bless this day, sun of fiery light.

Bless this day; prepare me for the night.

Sunrise Chant

Fire growing,

Sun is glowing;

Glowing, flowing

Down on me.

Another Morning Prayer

O gracious Goddess,

O gracious God,

Lend me health, strength, and love

During this coming day.

Assist me with the challenges ahead.

Share your divine wisdom.

Teach me to respect all things.

Remind me that the greatest power of all is love.

Blessed Be.

An Evening Prayer

The moon illuminates the earth

With wondrous silver rays;

Illuminate me through the night

And through the sun-lit days.

A Prayer Before Sleep

O gracious Goddess;

O gracious God, I now enter the realm of dreams.

Weave now, if you will, a web of protective light around me.

Guard both my sleeping form and my spirit.

Watch over me

Until the sun once again

Rules the earth.

O gracious Goddess,

O gracious God, be with me through the night.

Invocation Before Sleep

Lady of the moon;

Lord of the sun;

Protect me and mine

Now day is done.

New Moon Chant

Silver flowing,

Diana’s growing;

Growing, showing

Love for me.

A Short Chant for Help

Divine Mother,

Mother divine,

Show me the way;

Give me a sign.