Seasons of Wicca: The Essential Guide to Rituals and Rites to Enhance Your Spiritual Journey - Ambrosia Hawthorn 2020


Hello, and welcome to Wiccan Rituals, an essential guide to help new and experienced practitioners enhance their spiritual practice and deepen their faith. I’m Ambrosia, a Solitary Pagan and editor of Witchology Magazine, a monthly publication for modern witches. I’m both a Wiccan and witch who has dedicated 16 years to my eclectic practice. In this book, I’ll be sharing my knowledge of Wicca, energy, magic, and rituals so you can enhance your own practice.

My journey into Wicca began after I stumbled upon magic at the age of 13. I began having dreams that often included a small door that led me into a world that looked exactly like my own yet was filled with enchanted magic. Usually, I would be walking in the woods, barefoot, behind my grandparents’ house in Redwood Valley, California, and I would hear whispers from the wind and trees. These dreams and encounters left me feeling that there was something I needed to listen to or find. Not sure what I was searching for at the library and bookstores, I came across books about interpreting dreams. I spent hours combing through them, and eventually I found books on Wicca and witchcraft. As soon as I discovered these books, my heart began racing. This knowledge was what I had been seeking.

What began with those books blossomed into a lifelong journey of learning. Wicca became an integral part of my life, and though I now know the formalities, I still practice in a way that fits my own needs. Everyone has a different story or path, and your experiences and journey should shape your practice.

I hope this book will help you along your journey by providing valuable information to enhance your practice. Now, together, let’s dive into the enchanting world of Wicca.