Lupine - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

With a vibration that is hearty yet whimsical and earthy yet otherworldly, and an essence that is aligned with both the sun and the water element, the divinely beautiful lupine is a bridge and a doorway between the realms.

Magical Uses

Dog Healing and Balancing

Lupine’s name comes from the Latin word lupinus, which means “wolf.” Indeed, the lupine’s energy is aligned with the canine species, and the flower can be a lovely magical ally when it’s your intention to support the emotional or physical healing of your furry best friend. Lupine also can be used to help your dog adjust to a big change, such as a new home or family member. For any of these purposes, you might plant lupine in your yard, add four to six drops lupine essence to a mister of spring water and mist the inside of your home, or try adding a single drop of the essence to your dog companion’s water bowl each time you replace it.


Especially when found in nature, lupine is a living portal into the world of faeries and plant spirits. To connect with these beings in a conscious way, you might try spending time in quiet contemplation with the plant or taking the essence.


In the Victorian language of flowers, lupine represented “imagination,” and it’s no wonder: he’s as whimsical as the day is long. For this reason, he can be a valuable ally when your magical intention involves creativity, healing your inner child, or helping your actual child (or children) feel emotionally relaxed and free. To receive these benefits, try magically working with him in any safe way you feel guided.

Otherworld Communication

According to author Diana Wells, “Those seeking to communicate with the dead at the Oracle of Epiros were fed a diet of lupine seeds, which induce a state of intoxication, perhaps making such communication more accessible.” While I don’t recommend intoxicating yourself with lupine seeds, I do recommend spending time in quiet contemplation with blossoming lupine while consciously opening your mind to the otherworld and the spirits therein. Similarly, you might drink a glass of water into which you’ve added four to six drops lupine essence before your mediumship efforts, or you might try the following.


At midnight when the moon is dark, light a white or off-white soy candle in the pitch blackness (indoors or out, as weather permits and as you feel guided). Pour well water or spring water into a glass bowl and add three drops lupine essence. Also place three drops lupine essence under your tongue. Relax deeply as you close your eyes and take some deep breaths. When you feel centered and calm, visualize a sphere of very bright white light around yourself and say:

I now call on Archangel Michael and his band of mercy

(or whomever you usually call on for the purpose) to watch over me and protect me.

Then open your eyes, hold your hands over the water, and say:

Within this bowl with eyes of night

Beyond the day, beyond the light

I see into the other world.

Let your eyes go out of focus as you gaze at the water, and allow it to be a portal to the world of the spirits.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Water

Gender: Male

Planet: Sun